Thursday, September 8, 2011

Celina Jaitley is not Pregnant

Celina Jaitley is not really happy with the rumors around that she hurried into marriage, because she was pregnant. Celina Jaitley had announced marriage to her boyfriend Peter Haag on July 23 in Austria. But a certain section of people have floated news that she did this so because she was pregnant, due to which she had hastened her wedding decision.

A source close to the actress says, ""Celina is currently recuperating from a stomach ailment at a hospital in Dubai. When the news of her marriage to Peter spread last week, Celina was shocked, disturbed and very hurt to read reports about her sudden pregnancy. There were even allegations that the actress had got married to her beau of three years suddenly as she was expecting at that time. There were all sorts of disgusting speculations and rumors that really upset Celina and Peter. It was a dream marriage for Celina and Peter and both were horrified at the sudden onslaught of speculations. Why can't people leave the couple alone?""

The source , who is Celina’s friend says that the reason Celina’s marriage is going to be hurried is because of Peter's ailing grandmother's express desire to see them married. ""Peter's grandmother passed away soon after that and the couple has been grieving for her. It was for this reason - to comfort Peter - that Celina stayed back in Dubai, despite her work commitments in Mumbai, for a month. Though marriage is a time for celebrations, Celina and Peter had hardly had any time to celebrate as his grandmother passed away after that. Instead of it being a time for happiness and joy the couple is now having to brave rumours of Celina getting pregnant before she was married?""

Celina was not really happy with the negative rumors, “It is very regressive of people to speculate on my so called time of conception. Marriage is the most wonderful thing to happen to me. I wish people would share our happiness and not worry about our family planning. Marriage and motherhood both are beautiful periods of time for any woman and if I am pregnant like my marriage I will announce it at the right time and with great happiness!""


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