Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chikni Chameli or Kombdi - Which is better?

Chikni Chameli or Kombdi Palali, which is better? Katrina Kaif's hot Chikni Chameli number brings to the memory the famous song 'Kombdi' from the Marathi movie Jatra (2006).

Jatra starred Bharat Jadhav, Priya Berde and was directed by Kedar Shinde. Jatra was a comedy of errors with Bharat Jadhav in a double role. The famous Kombdi number had chickens flying everywhere and the number was an instant hit. Karan Johar asked the same music director duo Ajay-Atul to compose music for Agneepath which features Katrina Kaif hot in a Kashtra saree. Watch both videos and find out which one is a better song - Chikni Chameli or Kombdi ?

Kombdi Video

Chikni Chameli video

Also, it has been seen that the popularity of Chikni Chameli has increased the popularity of Komdi.


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