Thursday, December 22, 2011

Don 2 Movie Review - A Must Watch, SRK Rocks as Don

Here is the Don 2 movie review

Don 2 is set to erase in people's minds' the misgivings of Shah Rukh Khan as far as Ra One was concerned. The expectations for Don 2 has been on a low considering the much hyped Ra. One was not exactly the best thing in SRK’s repertoire of films. But when you have one of the most talented directors in Bollywood directing arguably the biggest superstar of the country with one of the most talented actresses in tow, it is surely going to be superior stuff.

Well, let us just rest the speculation here. Don 2 is a brilliant film, a roller-coaster ride replete with twists and turns. If the first half is uber cool, the second half is scintillating stuff. Unlike Don- the Chase Begins, Don 2 does not have songs, there is just one at the end. The track ‘Dushman Mera’ is like an accessory at the end of the film which most of us may just give a miss. But the lack of songs is compensated with a superb background score and classy cinematography. The cool zany one-liners delivered with minty-feel by the smooth-talking SRK are an icing on the cake. The slick production values and a clever screenplay round up the proceedings, into an exciting audio-visual feast.

Performances in Don 2 

Shah Rukh Khan is impactful as the mean, smooth-talking don. Easily, one of his best performance of SRK till date, this act is surely going to be lapped by everyone. The range of expression that he brings to the table is unbelievable. Next to SRK, it is Boman Irani who matches King Khan step to step.

Priyanka Chopra does not have much to emote in terms of acting; she is pissed off most of the time in the film. But yes, she is hot enough to melt the ice-cream that you bought from the cafeteria. Hrithik Roshan does a fantastic job in the 5 minute special appearance. The surprise act is that of Nawab Shah as Jabbar.

Conclusion –Take a bow Farhan Akhtar, you hardly let us down. Don 2 has blockbuster written all over it.


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