Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Deepika Padukone diet, fitness

Deepika Padukone's diet including everything and anything. One of the hottest actresses in India, Deepika is a complete foodie and cannot resist anything that is tasty. “If you constantly deny your body from the food that you crave for then your body doesn’t respond right to the food that you are having. You should never say no to the food that your body is craving for,” says the lissome girl.

Deepika Padukone believes in eating smart rather than eating right. “So, you have given permission to your body to the food that it is craving for, but you can always have control over the quantity that you are eating. Being a pucca South Indian that I am, I sometimes have a huge craving for my comfort South Indian food and, never in my life, have I denied my body any food,” she says.

The best thing to do according to Deepika Padukone is to stop eating when the craving stops. "There are certain things that I follow. If I am having idli-sambar then I can sometimes avoid the coconut chutney. That is what I do sometimes,” says Deepika.

The sexy actress loves eating out and experimenting with various types of food.“Trying out different kinds of cuisines is a rule for me. I don’t stick to one kind of food everyday; I get bored. I love eating out and in different kinds of restaurants. I experiment with my food too,” she says."

The actress that sometimes there is no choice but to eat outside food which may work or may give Deepika Padukone stomach upset “When you travel and go to different countries for shoots, you don’t have the luxury of having your own food. It is wiser to have the local cuisine at that point of time,” adds the actress.

Deepika Padukone fitness tips

The girl shows that she is smart when it comes to fitness as she is when it comes to eating. “Instead of making diets and exercise a compulsion and driving yourself up the wall to follow them, make them a part of your lifestyle.”

She think simple changes in one's lifestyle can do a great deal to fitness. For instance, Deepika prefers walking briskly for 20 minutes around the building or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. She adds, “People take a lift to the second floor. Can’t you climb? At airports or in my building, I don’t use escalators.”

Deepika Padukone loves to hit the gym or indulge in some sport. If she cannot do both of them, she dances in her own room. Though she may not have been able to take up her dad's professional career which is badminton, she always plays the game whenever she gets chance.

Deepika starts her day by running for 40 minutes and then does some weight training. In the evening, she plays badminton for three or four hours, five times a week; if she has time to spare. She adds, “Due to excessive training, I was tired and took a break from exercising before I turned to yoga a few years ago.”

The actress stays away from crash diets and does not allow anyone else to do as well. She says,, “I never starve myself. I eat in moderation I indulge in a small piece of chocolate every night, so I don’t crave for a full desert.” Deepika says that one should not confuse fitness with body size. “Fitness doesn’t mean that you have to be thin or skinny.."

Deepika Padukone has taken interest in Yoga and Pilates, her trainer Yasmin has been training her. Now you know the secret of Deepika Padukone's amazing figure. She says, “I have never gone through drastic weight loss but my body stil has a potential for a lot of more tweaking and definition. Pilates certainly has helped me perfect those problem areas.”


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