Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sunny Leone, Poonam Pandey or Sherlyn Chopra - Your hot favorite is ..

The three women, Poonam Pandey, Sunny Leone and Sherlyn Chopra are raising the temperature at Twitter, keeping themselves in news either by posting hot photos, writing saucy quotes. Of course, their followers are not complaining, they are lapping everything that is being given. In fact, one can sense stiff competition between the three girls who are dying to be the new-age queen of the digital world, even though they are yet to make a mark in Bollywood Let us look at each of them in detail

1. Sunny Leone – Born of Indian origin, Sunny Leone was brought up in Canada. She went on to become the 12th most popular adult actress in the world. But every Indian and his father-in-law came to know about Sunny Leone when she participated in India’s largest TV reality show BIgg Boss. Though she was the last person to go out of the house in the second-last week, with the rest four making it to the finals, it seems that Sunny Leone has benefited the most out of Bigg Boss show. Her conduct in the house though a far-cry from what she does professionally, came in for criticism when she rebuked Amar Upadyay for lifting her up. A good thing happened to her  when Mahesh Bhatt visited the Bigg Boss house and offered her a role in Jism 2. Now Sunny Leone is active in Twitter and targets  her fans in India, letting them know about her stuff in Bollywood and also shows some of her pictures from Jism 2.

2. Poonam Pandey – Did you know that Poonam Pandey is called the Boldest Indian celebrity by International Business Times for the year 2011. She is by far, the only person in celebrity world who become popular just in one day. She announced that she would strip to the buff if India won the World Cup last year. India won the series but Poonam did not do what she promised. But by then, she became very famous. Poonam Pandey keep herself and her male fans busy (don't ask how ) by dishing out her enhanced pictures and also passing spicy comments on things that she can create news out of.

3. Sherlyn Chopra – Sherlyn Chopra was actually the first one to create a rage on Twitter. She had posted a controversial picture of herself on Twitter but it was taken off. She then said sorry and got her account back. Originally starting off as a B-grade actress, she made it to the top when she got a film with Yash Raj called ‘Dil Bole Hadippa’ but the role was smaller than the length of the micro-mini she wears. Sherlyn faded out of Twitter too. Incidentally, she also did Bigg Boss Season 3 and was out of the show by the second season. In the past few weeks, Sherlyn Chopra has become active on Twitter too, consolidating her position as the male gaze queen by asking people if they agree with her that she was a better choice for Jism 2 than Sunny Leone. To substantiate, she even posted a few pictures on her birthday saying that she loves to be in birthday suit in that day.

So,whom do you think is really the hottest or the best out of these three - Sunny Leone, Sherlyn Chopra or Poonam Pandey ? 


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