Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Salman Khan beats Shahrukh Khan to play Krishna in Akshay Kumar film

Salman Khan has beaten Shah Rukh Khan to the role of Krishna. The Dabangg star will be starring in Akshay Kumar’s home production ‘Oh My God’ based on Paresh Rawal’s highly successful play ‘Krishna v/s Kanhaiya’, as Krishna. Actually, it was producer Akshay Kumar’s call to choose between SRK and Salman Khan, and he chose Sallu.

According to sources, Akki had approached both Shah Rukh and Salman Khan but he finally felt that Salman was better. Also SRK’s schedule is quite busy, throughout the year which made Akshay go for his friend Sallu. But come to think of it, no one can look as convincing as Akshay Kumar himself for the role of Krishna, wot say ?


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