Sunday, April 29, 2012

Akshay Kumar’s biggest hit – Rowdy Rathore, a double role

Akshay Kumar’s best performance may well be in Rowdy Rathore. Few people know that Akshay Kumar has a double role in Rowdy Rathore. It is a dream role for masala entertainment with that extra dollop of action.  Who knows, it may start the movie may start a trend for double roles too. Incidentally, Akshay Kumar has done double roles in movies like Jai Kishen and Aflatoon back in 90s.

Akshay Kumar gets to not only show a full range of emotions but also do action like he has never done in recent past. In the role of Shiva, Akshay Kumar will play the usual lovable, flirtatious, fun loving character that we love to see him in, and in the role of Rathore, you will see him donning the action mantle, with the much needed intensity in his character. All we can say is Rowdy Rathore is superhit material and Akshay Kumar may be up for Best Actor in 2013 ! Remember we predicted it here first, just like we predicted Vidya Balan will be the best actress in 2011

Plus Akshay Kumar has already delivered a blockbuster in 2012, Houseful 2. He has a potential superhits in the form of Rowdy Rathore and Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai 2.


sukhwinder sandy said...

Rowdy Rathore Box Office Collection till Now: 101.5 Crore
The film's an unabashed, gunpowder-hot, sambar-spiced star-vehicle which runs along energetically most of the time because its star - Akshay Kumar, essaying a double role as Rathore and Shiva - is worth it, something that's emphasized often.


Anonymous said...

This movie is just a copy of the tamil film siruthai!!!! The tamil version which came before this was way better!!!!

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