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Hate Story Movie Review

It is evident that while the hot scenes of Hate Story are the most important reason for many to flock to the theater in the first place; a good thrilling plot would always have been an interesting add-on. But how would you feel if you came to know that the secretly awaited scenes have been badly edited out even though the movie is adult certified? And how would you react if you came to know that Hate Story is every bit a mediocre effort, with no clarity and a flawed end?

Story of Hate Story

Paoli Dam and her friend Nikhil Dvivedi are journalists who conduct a sting operation on a cement company and expose its corrupt-ridden practices. The company owner’s son Gulshan Devaiah gives an offer to Paoli that she cannot refuse. He seems to know what her real love is, corporate affairs and not journalism; and she jumps right in.

Obviously, Paoli shines and impresses all and sundry in the board and gets instant recognition. One thing leads to the other, Gulshan takes Paoli on a date and they end up making love. Soon the girl is brimming with happiness and Nikhil is relegated to the background.

Shock awaits her when Paoli is treated badly at the office by Gulshan. He says in colorful F-peppered words that he doesn’t forgive people who make his life miserable. A stunned Paoli leaves the office, hurt and scorned. Her troubles are far from over; Paoli discovers that she is pregnant. When Gulshan comes to know about this, he lays a bait and Paoli ends up losing her capacity to be a mother forever.

Paoli decides to fight back and in a rather unusual way decides to become a prostitute as her modus-operandi to get back at Gulshan. Bhairavi Goswami who is an ace in this profession grooms Paoli and she is ready to work her plan. Among a few of her conquests is the CEO of the company played by Joy Sengupta. He succumbs to her charms and cheats on his wife. He even manages to leak some company secrets to her. Meanwhile Paoli also gives some secret information to a rival company in exchange for Rs. 4 crores.

When Gulshan comes to know that Paoli wants to bring down his company, he spies on her and bugs her room. Paoli realizes this, and while she seduces the CEO, she gives out information that Gulshan thinks is valuable. However, Paoli is too smart for him and a frustrated Gulshan realizes that he is framed.

Since the CEO is of no use to Gulshan, he is bumped off and the blame falls on Paoli. But she has a minister (Mohan Kapoor) who is ready to give her what she wants, for a roll in the hay. She manages to get herself board-member position in the company. At the AGM meeting, Paoli marches in with proof about how the cement company had defrauded many. She manages to send Gulshan to jail and taste vengeance. But just when she is ready to walk into the sunset with her boyfriend Nikhil, she finds her nemesis.

Plus points for Hate Story
The second half is edited well and has a brisk pace to it. Director Vivek Agnihotri employs screen division technique in quite a few scenes which augurs well for a visual spectacle. The hot scenes in the movie are classy and earthy in equal measure and make for pleasurable viewing. There is a lot of primal passion shown between the characters involved, and one can safely say that if the scenes were not edited out, the movie would have created a far better impact.

Minus points of Hate Story
First of all, there are major loopholes at the script level. If one has to seduce her way to revenge, it is not necessary that she has to train to be a prostitute; this is something that can happen naturally to any woman, especially if one has made her mind up. The dialogue in the film is quite substandard and do not impress.

Hate Story has production quality of a B-grade movie and relies mainly on the ability of Paoli Dam to shed off her clothes. Since she is allergic to clothes, there is no problem there. But the justification to her risqué behavior does not hold water.

Hate Story belies what it has shown on its poster, a girl riding a man bare-backed with a gun behind her. She has no fancy plans as these, she just wants to seduce and gets corporate secrets out.
The movie relies on a soprano-like female background voice to portray everything from anguish to lust. But while it was quite touching in Fashion (2008), it looks like a cleverly manipulated instrument to camouflage for lack of grip either in the emotive or cinematic department.

The performances in Hate Story are quite weak; one needed strong-willed performances from the lead actors but they leave a lot to be desired. The supposedly funny characterization of the son Gulshan working up a stammer whenever he is near his dad and then smirking decisively can be ignored.

The icing on the cake is the flawed, ludicrous climax which is also supposed to be a twist. We won’t reveal it but it is definitely twisted enough to make you groan and say WTF !!

Performances in Hate Story
Paoli Dam who is known to be an accomplished actress in regional cinema, has done a shoddy job in Hate Story. May be it is the alien language ‘Hindi’ which made her stumble, but looking at the scheme of things, we may say that instead of her character training for being a top level escort, she may have trained to polish her acting instead. In fact, in some scenes her expressions are such a give-away that it is a wonder why the male characters did not see her through. But to give her credit, Paoli Dam has a very good screen presence in the movie.

The less said about Gulshan Devaiah, the better. He fails miserably in the role that had enough material for him to make an impact. Nikhil Dwivedi is a ‘bechara’ throughout in the film. Not only does he look unkempt, his single expression is enough to make you feel sick. The only actor who is apt is Saurabh Dubey, who plays the stern father to Gulshan.

The best thing about Hate Story are the bold scenes but since the main course seems to have been taken away by the censorboard, you may have to content with the starters. Other than that, the overall dish is half-baked.

Wait for the DVD, it will not disappoint as much.
Rating : 2./ 5 (Average)


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