Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kahaani Ending, Climax Copied from Taking Lives ?

Emerging reports that Kahaani’s climax (ending) has been plagiarized from Angelina Jolie’s Taking Lives seem to be gaining ground. The video shows significant similarities between how Vidya Balan kills Indraneil Sengupta, who poses as her husband and how Angelina Jolie does the same to Ethan Hawke in Taking Lives. In both the films, the characters reveal a prosthetic pregnant belly which takes the killers by surprise before they die, following a ruthless stab by the female character in both the films.

While Angelina Jolie stabs Ethane with a pair of scissors, Vidya Balan does the needful with a pair of hairpins. The director Sujoy Ghosh who is not amused with the accusations, said, “I have heard the name of the movie but I have neither watched this film nor the video. Ever since I started making "Kahaani", people spoke about so many sources that it has been copied from. In this country, people don't know about Satyajit Ray, Yash Chopra and Manmohan Desai but they are aware of films abroad. It's amazing."

What do you think, do you think Kahaani’s ending is plagiarized or it is mere coincidence? Here is the video, do give us your inputs :

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Sim said...

yeahh!! Climax of Kahaani is Copied from Taking Lives..!!

Anonymous said...

yeah definitely ! as the great indian joke goes american made a bikes design,japanese moulded it into reality and indian comes and put stamp Made in India.I think Director forgot to put the stamp .

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