Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kangana Ranaut's Boyfriend is a Scientist

Kangana Ranaut believes in flaunting her boyfriend unlike other girls in Bollywood. Her new boyfriend is English scientist-doctor. After bitter breakups with actors Aditya Panscholi and Adhyayan Suman, Kangna seems to have found her Mr. Right.

“Nicolas is amazing, he's very well-behaved, you know how the English are, very proper, very cultured and he's a doctor. He's very gentle, very different,” says Kangana with glee in her voice. At a popular TV show, she admitted that he was a very nice guy. “I’ve known him for a year and a half ... he is a doctor and a scientist. I met him in India, through a friend. We travelled together. We lived together. But his job is so demanding you know. He lives in a lab for days and days ... Worse than me,” she added.

Kangana says, “Talking to him is quite enriching, he talks significant things like the genetics of cancer.” But she adds that he is no nerd. Ranaut revealed he’s a romantic. “He is a very good musician. He plays the guitar. Every time he’s played for me, it has been amazing … magical.”

Kangana’s 28 year old boyfriend lives in England. “Yeah, it’s a long distance relationship but then it’s not something which is going to lead to marriage so soon, you know. I find it much better because I have been in relationships with men who can completely suffocate you... I want my space for sure, and long distance works big time!”


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