Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shah Rukh Khan IPL controversy and abusive behavior- How it Happened

Shah Rukh Khan added more fire to IPL controversy which has been drowned under match fixing allegations.
 This happened at the end of the IPL match between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders in Mumbai on Wednesday. According to MCA officials, SRK who came to Wankhede at the end of the match, first got into a fight with the security staff and when the MCA staff intervened, he got into a scuffle with them, and threatened them too.

MCA treasurer Ravi Sawant said, "He brought a few people into the field of play and when the security guard tried to stop him, they all, around 20-25, abused him and attacked him. They also hit our security guard.Shah Rukh came totally drunk and he misbehaved with the officials.”

"We will ban Shah Rukh for life from the Wankhede stadium. We are also going to file a police complaint against him," he further said.

Another MCA official chimed in, "He abused the MCA and also abused the BCCI. We will not let him get away with this. We have called an emergency managing committee meeting on Thursday to discuss the issue. He also tried to raise his hands on the other committee members."

It is learnt that MCA officials later went to the Marine Lines Police Station and filed a complaint against the actor. Khan was seeing using the f-word and threatening Sawant and others. Though KRK staf took SRK away, the MCA officials were too angry and lodged a complaint against the actor’s rowdy behavior.
"The MCA security personnel told them they cannot do so as the match was over which led to Shah Rukh abusing them as well as the MCA officials. There was manhandling too by his people. We have decided to ban him from all future matches at the stadium. We are also going to lodge a police complaint against him," Savant said.

Mumbai Cricket Association is set to life-ban on Shah Rukh from entering Wankhede. Meanwhile, former cricketer and BJP leader Kirti Azad reacted to the fresh IPL controversy, and termed it 'disgraceful'. "I was saddened after hearing the controversy. I do not believe Shah Rukh was inebriated," said Azad. He said that BCCI should be ashamed of the things that were happening. "We had spot fixing a few days ago, now there are brawls taking place. From match fixing to Spot fixing, BCCI has grown," he added.

IPL Chairman Rajiv Shukla denied of the reports of banning Shah Rukh Khan from Wankhede. "So far no decision has been taken. BCCI working committee will decide upon the ban," he said.Shukla went on to add: "I am taking Mumbai Police's version then I will take the franchisee's version." He further said that he will take the MCA's version too.” Police say they will examine the CCTV footage of the scuffle between Shah Rukh Khan and MCA officials.

Why did Shah Rukh fight with MCA officials at the IPL ?
This is the blow by blow account of what really happened. Missing most of the game, Shah Rukh Khan entered Wankhede Stadium close to midnight along with his entourage that included several children wearing KKR shirts.

Elated by the KKR's late recovery and the unexpected one-sided 32 run win over hosts Mumbai Indians, despite compiling a modest score, Shah Rukh headed towards the dressing room to meet his players.
While Shah Rukh was meeting Gautam Gambhir and Co inside the dressing room the group that had accompanied him to the stadium waited on the field, just outside the boundary line.

According the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) officials, the trouble started when a few children wanted to cross the boundary line and play 'catch'. They were stopped by a watchman at the ground.

It is alleged, that when Shah Rukh came to know about this he left the dressing room in a huff and confronted the watchman.

MCA officials say that he was abusive to the him and asked the guard who gave him the permission to stop the children from entering the field.

As voices were raised, a few MCA officials who were in the stands near the dressing room walked down to quell the commotion.

When Shah Rukh was told that he couldn't have his way, he reportedly said, "I am the owner of the team, how can you stop me ?"

Tempers flared at this point as Shah Rukh’s comments didn’t go well with the MCA officials.

With Shah Rukh losing his cool and reportedly abusing the officials, several members of the KKR support staff rushed to the spot to quell the co-owner.

Players of the two team also came to know about the post-match fight and were seen peering at the chaos from the dressing room.

KKR all-rounder Yusuf Pathan tried to mediate but he was asked to return to the dressing room.
The Indian Premier League CEO Sundar Raman was also seen pacifying Shah Rukh.

MCA officials allege that Shah Rukh even pushed a police man who tried to intervene.

Eventually, the entry of a senior Mumbai Police official, who is also part of the MCA, ended the almost hour long shouting session.

Here are pictures of Shah Khan drunk and abusive with IPL officials at Mumbai


Banta Singh said...

Always things to be biasing and unnecessary issues by media & supporters.
1) If SRK & Mehta : Decided not to continue with Sourav in IPL what is wrong but again a BIGGGGG issue made by media
2) After match in any stadium of india lot of people can be seen walking, roaming and enjoying, crying for their but again why some person who ever is will be stopped ? - yes because host team lost the match ? or because co-owners wants to enjoy the win ? or blaaa blaaa - it seems unfair -:)
3. Finally all peoples are indian and IPL is for entertainment but i can see players abusing his indian mates ( most famous Rayddu, harbhajan, munaf, zaheer, kohli..etc) why people can not learn from seniors like Sachin best example.
4. I love India and i am a Indain - help people to Smile -:)

Santa Singh said...

Lalu, Mamata et al jump to support Shah Rukh Khan's conduct as reported in the media. They themselves have acted in a similar manner in public life. In addition, if Khan was not a Muslim they would not have bothered as they always appease Muslim who serve as their vote banks. The police should take action without fear and favour. If Khan is lying he should be prosecuted for perverting the course of justice.

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