Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bollywood in bed, Pillow talk: Director's choice

You must have noticed that different Bollywood directors approach their films with a mindset spawn from their upbringing, background, interest on certain subjects and their thoughts in particular on a certain aspect of the society. So if a Ram Gopal Verma film talks about ghosts and crime, Sooraj Barjatya talks about keeping the family happy, hale and hearty. If an Abbas Mustan believes in a murderous twist to every love story, a Madhur Bhandarkar film reflects middle-class aspirations in a hypocritical society.

Here are some pictures from the movie Raaz-The Mystery Continues, a Mohit Suri film where the couple Nandita(Kangana Ranaut) and Yash(Adhyayan Suman) talk about the new house that they have just bought.The post-coitus scene or the scene where the couple have a 'heart to heart' pillow talk after a steamy romp session is usually a focal point in most films, a place where the characters talk about the course of action, they should take with their lives. Usually, the plot starts to kick in the post-coitus scene. Sample a scene from Parinda where the couple talk about their future after making love, before they are gunned down by a frenzied Nana Patekar. Even in Raaz-The Mystery Continues, Kangana tells Adhyayan about the new house that they've just shifted into. The very house becomes an abode of haunted spirit who is out to torture her.

Here is a tongue in cheek look at what an onscreen couple would talk to each other, post coitus pillow talk in films made by various directors.

Mahesh Bhatt film
Man: Sonia, I remember how as a child, I saw my dad leaving my poor mom for another $lut. I wouldn't let the same happen to our kids
: Oh Kabir, for raising kids we need money Let us figure out how to bump off my impotent husband, so that we have all his wealth.

Sooraj Barjatya film:
Woman: Now that we are united as one body one soul, I feel so much like a woman, Prem.
Man: Suman, I am so happy, I want to tell everyone: Sunita bhabhi, vinod bhaiya, chachoo, munna, my naukar Manohar, my doggie Tuffi. We should have a grand wedding.

Abbas Mustan movie:
Man: Save your moves for tomorrow darling, Sophia. you have to seduce my bro and throw him down from the roof-top of this building.
Woman: Why dont we toast to that, Ranvir? I will get something to drink(thinks 'to ur death')

Madhur Bhandarkar film:
Woman: Sir, now will I get partnership in your company?
Man: Yes, why not, Meghna? I already have you as a sleeping partner.

Raj Kumar Santoshi film:
Man: The whole system is a problem, Varsha. I need to change the entire system now.
Woman: Yes, Ajay. Only the naked and hungry people like us realize the importance of change!

Rakesh Roshan film:
Woman: Oh that was so good, my dear Rohit. I feel I am born again
Man: Me too, Sonia..I am reincarnated. I am Raj.

Farhan Akhtar film
Man: Oh Shalini,we have made love after so many years, feels like yesterday
Woman: Yeah Akash, I remember your friends, they were good too!

Sanjay Leela Bhansali film
Woman: Uhhh..wwwww..wuuuuuuu..wwwww...www..
Boy: You may be dumb Michelle, but you play the organ so well.

JP Dutta film
Man: Why did I feel like I was in a battlefield, Kamla?
Woman: Because my dear captain Dharam Veer Singh, there was blood,sweat,grime,abuses and yes, you shot pretty well

Subash Ghai film
Man: Ganga, let me show you our culture-mystical, mesmerzing and musical
Woman: Oh no Arjun, you aren't playing the kamasutra video again, are you?

Ram Gopal Verma film
Man: You are such an animal Swati. You appeared like a woman possessed, some time ago.
Woman: You are right, Vishal. I am a woman possessed.

Karan Johar film
Woman: Dev, All you think about is your family? What about my family?
Man: I have already started working on it Maya, haven't I?

Yash Raj film
Woman: Hmm Rahul.. I want to know if it is really love or are we friends?
Man: Depends, Pooja ..If you kick me back to bed, hop over me and go for a wash, then we are friends, but if you let me go first, then you are in love.


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Nice Comparison.I would like to follow Sooraj Barjatia's attitude.

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