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Bollywood and Plagiarism: List of Bollywood movies copied from Hollywood

Bollywood movies are often targeted for copying from Hollywood movies. Forget the music, even the scripts and screenplay of most Bollywood movies are copied from Hollywood movies. Directors like Sanjay Gupta and Vikram Bhatt are called DVD directors. Though there have been smart Bollywood lifts like Aradhna(1969), Sholay(1975) Raaz(2000), Baazigar(1993), Munnabhai MBBS(2003)Rang De Basanti(2006) and Race(2008), some Hollywood movies copy Hollywood movies scene by scene.
Here is a list of Bollywood movies lifted, inspired or copied from Hollywood films.

Aradhana 1969 To Each His Own 1946

Abhimaan 1973 A Star Is Born 1954

Khotey Sikkay 1973 The Magnificent Seven 1960

Dharmatma 1975 The Godfather 1972

Rafoo Chakkar 1975 Some Like It Hot 1959

Sholay 1975 The Magnificent Seven 1960

Karz 1980 The Reincarnation of Peter Proud 1975

The Burning Train 1980 Shinkansen Daibakuha 1975

Shaukeen 1981 Boys' Night Out 1962

Janbaaz=Duel in the Sun (1946)

Satte Pe Satta 1982 Seven Brides For Seven Brothers 1954

Ek Ruka Hua Faisla 1986 12 Angry Men 1957

Khoon Bhari Maang 1988 Return to Eden 1983

Tezaab 1988 Streets of fire 1984

Agneepath 1990 Scarface 1983

Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin 1991 It Happened One Night 1934

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar 1992 Breaking Away 1979

Chamatkar 1992 Blackbeard's Ghost 1968

Ek Ladka Ek Ladki 1992 Overboard 1987

Baazigar 1993 A Kiss Before Dying 1991

Khal-Naaikaa 1993 The Hand That Rocks The Cradle 1992

Yeh Dillagi 1994 Sabrina 1954

Main Khiladi Tu Anari 1994 The Hard Way 1991

Akele Hum Akele Tum 1995 Kramer vs. Kramer 1979

Yaraana 1995 Sleeping with the Enemy 1991

Criminal 1995 The Fugitive 1993

Rangeela- Win a Date with Tadf Hamilton

Daraar 1996 Sleeping with the Enemy 1991

Agni Sakshi 1996 Sleeping with the Enemy 1991

Papi Gudia 1996 Child's Play 1988

Deewana Mastana 1997 What About Bob? 1991

Judwaa 1997 Twin Dragons 1992

Chor machaye shor(1997).. Blue Streak

Chachi 420 1998 Mrs. Doubtfire 1993

Ghulam 1998 On the Waterfront 1954

Pyar To Hona Hi Tha 1998 French Kiss 1995

Dushman 1998 Eye for an Eye 1996

Sangharsh 1999 The Silence of the Lambs 1991

Mohabbatein 2000 Dead Poets Society 1989

Josh 2000 West Side Story 1961

Bichhoo 2000 Leon: The Professional 1994

Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega 2000 While You Were Sleeping 1995

Dhaai Akshar Prem Ke 2000 A Walk in the Clouds 1995

Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye 2000 The Wedding Singer 1998

Ajnabee 2001 Consenting Adults 1992

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 2001 Fatal Attraction 1987

Kyo Kii... Main Jhuth Nahin Bolta 2001 Liar Liar 1997

Kasoor 2001 Jagged Edge 1985

Awara Paagal Deewana 2002 The Whole Nine Yards 2000

Humraaz 2002 A Perfect Murder 1998

Kaante 2002 Reservoir Dogs 1992

Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin 2002 Analyze This 1999

Chor Machaaye Shor 2002 Blue Streak 1999

Baadshah(SRK starrer) = Nick Of Time, The Mask, Rush Hour, Mr. Nice Guy

Fareb = Unlawful Entry (1992)

Sauda --> Indecent Proposal (1993) ,The Deal (2005)

Hum Hain Kamaal Ke= See No Evil, Hear No Evil (1989).

Deewangee 2002 Primal Fear 1996

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai 2002 My Best Friend's Wedding 1997

Raaz 2002 What Lies Beneath 2000

Ek Chhoti Si Love Story 2002 A Short Film About Love 1998

Footpath 2003 State of Grace 1990

3 Deewarein = The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Inteha 2003 Fear 1996

Dhoom(2003): The Fast and the Furious (2001) &Ocean's Eleven (2001)

Jism 2003 Body Heat 1981

Koi Mil Gaya 2003 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 1982

Kucch To Hai 2003 I Know What You Did Last Summer 1997

Qayamat: City Under Threat 2003 The Rock 1996

Aetbaar 2004 Fear 1996

Plan 2004 Suicide Kings 1997

Saaya 2003 Dragonfly 2002

Shukriya: Till Death Do Us Apart 2004 Meet Joe Black 1998

Hum Tum 2004 When Harry Met Sally 1989

Munnabhai MBBS(2003)..Patch Adams(1998)

Murder 2004 Unfaithful 2002

Aitraaz 2004 Disclosure 1994

Musafir 2004 U-Turn 1997

Phir Milenge 2004 Philadelphia 1993

Salaam Namaste…Nine Months

Paap 2004 The Witness 1969

Black 2005 The Miracle Worker 1962

Bunty Aur Babli 2005 Bonnie & Clyde 1967

Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets 2005 The Usual Suspects 1995

Sarkar 2005 The Godfather 1972

Deewane Huye Pagal 2005 There's Something About Mary 1998

Ek Ajnabee 2005 Man on Fire 2004

Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena 2005 Confidence 2003

Garam Masala 2005 Boeing Boeing 1965

Kyun Ki 2005 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 1975

Main Aisa Hi Hoon 2005 I am Sam 2001

Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya? 2005 Cactus Flower 1969

Naina 2005 The Eye 2002

Zeher 2005 Out of Time 2003

Jurm 2005 Double Jeopardy 1999

Humko Deewana Kar Gaye 2006 Notting Hill 1999

Zinda 2006 Oldboy 2003

Bas Ek Pal 2006 Carne Trémula 1997

Rang De Basanti: All My Sons (1948) & Jesus of Montreal.

Naksha 2006 The Rundown 2003

Phir Hera Pheri 2006 Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 1998

Alag 2006 Powder 1995

I See You 2006 Just Like Heaven 2005

Tathastu 2006 John Q 2002

Malamaal Weekly 2006 Waking Ned 1998

Aap Ki Khatir 2006 The Wedding Date 2003

Taxi No. 9211 2006 Changing Lanes 2002

The Killer 2006 Collateral 2004

Ek Ajnabee --> Man On Fire (2004)

Krrish 2006 Paycheck

Zinda --> Oldboy (Korean Movie)

Nishabd 2007 Lolita 1962

Awarapan 2007 A Bittersweet Life 2005

Chak De India 2007 Miracle 2004

Dhamaal 2007 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. 1963

Bheja Fry 2007 Diner de cons 1998

Naqaab 2007 Dot the I 2003

Speed 2007 Cellular 2004

Salaam-e-Ishq copied from Love Actually

Ta Ra Rum Pum 2007 Days of Thunder 1990

Life In A... Metro 2007 The Apartment 1960

Fool n Final 2007 Snatch 2000

Heyy Babyy 2007 Three Men and a Baby 1987

Partner 2007 Hitch 2005

The Train 2007 Derailed 2005

Manorama Six Feet Under 2007 Chinatown 1974

Welcome 2007 Mickey Blue Eyes 1999

Race 2008 Goodbye Lover 1998

u me aur hum(2008) --> the notebook and A Moment To Remember (korean)

Ugly Aur Pagli 2008 My Sassy Girl 2001

Singh Is Kinng 2008 Miracles 1989

Shaurya 2008 A Few Good Men 1992

God Tussi Great Ho 2008 Bruce Almighty 2003

Dostana 2008 I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry 2007

Dasvidaniya(2008): Bucket list

Yuvvraaj 2008 Rain Man 1988

Dil Bole Hadippa(2009) She's the Man


ms couch potato said...

dude feew movies like sangharsh, mohabatein, welcome, humko deewana kar gaye, rangheela, 3 deewarein are not at all copies of the hollywood movies better check ur sourcess

rahul aggarwal said...

how can Krrish be a copy of Paycheck???????

Jainesh said...

@couch potato- sorry to bust your adulation for the films you mention but they are copied. They may not be total lifts but definitely inspired. All the film makers who have made those films are smart enough to fool people like you. That's all.
Krrish was inspired by Paycheck. Highly inspired. You want to know how writing works in Bollywood?
Check out my site-

Anonymous said...

Dude! Rangeela1995 and win a date with tad hamilton2004.. So figure who copied who

Bobby Sing said...

If you want to know the exact detail of every copy and its original then just read the duly researched Plagiarism Topic at


Gourab said...

you left...........
"luck" copied from "THE CONDEMED"
"Sarkar" copied from "God FATHER"

Saad said...

The first time I realized that Bollywood was copying American films was when I watched Criminal. "The Fugitive" was one of my all-time favorite films and I knew each scene down to the most smallest details. I was also a big fan of Manisha Koirala, so when I saw "Criminal", I was like: "WAAAAITTT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" LOL.

whereis said...

I hate the copy attitude. I was looking for such site that lists bollywood movies like this. The concern is, our attitude and no trust in local talent. I am certain that we have so much original material and original writers, but bollywood is shamelesss to take short cuts for success.

sagar dangal said...

Gajni copied from momento

Anonymous said...

bollywood are wannabes they copy evryting bout hollywood. the bollywood actesses specially, dey tink der all it freshys. luk at wat dey wear nwdays in the films all der gud 4r is copying hollywood stars looks and al dat.

Anonymous said...

Paa(2009) - Jack(1996)

Anonymous said...

Krazzy 4(2008) - The Dream Team(1989)
Kismat Konnection(2008) - Just My Luck(2006)
Kidnap(2008) - Shattered(1991)
Mere Baap Pahle Aap(2008) - Blame It on the Bellboy(1992)
Hari Puttar(2008) - Home Alone(1990)

Anonymous said...

One Two Three(2008) - Blame It on the Bellboy(1992)

Anonymous said...

And ladies and gentlemen, the first Hollywood inspired Bollywood film for the year 2010 is...
Pyaar Impossible(2010) - Notting Hill(1999)

Anonymous said...

Chance Pe Dance(2010) - School of Rock(2003)

Anonymous said...

Chance Pe Dance(2010) - School of Rock(2003)

Anonymous said...

Sure some of these are copies, but some that u list as copies are definitely not! First of all, at first glance, Rangeela came out way before Win a Date with Tad how is it copied........??? Secondly, many of the "smart lifts" are probably not lifted from those other movies at all...just because some parts are similar, that does not mean it is a copy...especially because many parts could be coincidental---i'm not sure that u watched all the movies u listed before u called them copies

by the way, ghajini was not stolen from momento---they did not hide the fact at all and these asked the people who made the original for permission...NOT plaigarism, just a remake

that aside there are some movies that are copied if not completely stolen..i'm not being ignorant in regard to those!

Anonymous said...

It’s funny the way some Indians like you think Hollywood to be all original. Listen mate Plagiarism is a global phenomena. Even your so-called original hollywood films are copy of many european and asian films. I will just give you two examples.

The Departed 2006 (directed by the great Martin Scorsese) is lifted from Hong Kong film series The Infernal Affairs 2002- it’s a shame that the hollywood people only bought the copyrights for the first, while the lifted the three parts of the series. And one more thing my friend, the only difference between the two films is that the english version has Jack Nicholson & boston, everything else is directly lifted from the original, the dialogues, scene set-up, camera work, in some scenes even the actor’s impression.

The Matrix 1999, was directly lifted from Japanese animation films – Ghost in the shell 1995 & Akira 1988. And the most famous fighting style in the matrix was copied from Chinese film called Hard Boiled 1992, even the amazing theory of the Matrix was lifted from an episode(The Deadly Assassins) of a British Tv series, Dr. Who.

There are many other countless examples. Most of Hollywood horrors are copies of Japanese, Chinese, Thai, & Korean originals. If the originals are well known internationally then they officially buy their copyrights.

Even most of their romantic comedies are copies of French, German, Italian and Spanish originals. Did you know that the famous 50 first Dates 2004 (starring Adam Sandler) is ripped from a chinese film, (it’s your lucky day, I can’t remember the name of that film) the only difference was in the original the boy has the problem.

But at the same time, I will like to add that, some of the european and asian films are also inspired by the Hollywood films. See the thing I want to point out to you is that, Plagiarism is everywhere. The only good reasons for Hollywood’s global success are: English is worlds common language, and the have the best deals with cinema chains around the world. Bollywood needs to improve their network, out of India, to present itself to non-Indians. Slum dog Millionaire, was a big success, because it was
well presented to international market, thanks to Danny Boyle’s brand name.

And one last thing, there have been many small goods films recently, such as Gulaal 2009, Dev D 2009, Khosala Ka Ghosala 2006. There are good films and shit films everywhere, and the good ones will always get appreciated, no matter where the inspiration came from.

Do let me know what’s your opinion about my comment.

Anonymous said...

Teen Patti(2010) - 21(2008)

Anonymous said...

Karthik Calling Karthik(2010) - Shatterday(1985)

N.B.: "Shatterday" is not actually a Hollywood movie, but the first episode of the first season (1985-1986) of the television series "The New Twilight Zone".

anjali said...

Ghajini was absolutely stolen from Memento. Amir khan or the makers NEVER ASKED FOR PERMISSION AT ALL. Memento was first copied by a tamil film and then the makers of Ghajini made up an excuse that they were simply remaking that tamil film in hindi!!! When a newspaper asked Amir khan about that he said..."no comments". if they had asked for permission he would have said something in his own defense.

raj said...

Its funny how people claim Slum Dog Millionaire to be a Indian or Bollywood movie. Um no, it was made by Hollywood only on a Indian subject so dont even try to use that as an excuse!!

You want to know what else is copied. The songs of Taal were copied from Sarah Brightman the famous opera singer.

Also, any Hollywood movie that I have seen that was a copy of any other movie, I ALWAYS SAW SOME SORT OF AN ACKNOWLEDGMENT! Bollywood on the other hand just takes over and over and over and then just tells everyone that hey these are our originals. sheesh. I am embarrassed by Bollywood.

Anonymous said...

Click(2010) - Shutter(2008)

Anonymous said...

Indian claims for world largest english speeking country, but I really don’t understand if india is world largest english speeking zone, then why there people can’t identify indian movies and appriciate all stolen movies, if they are true english speeking people then they must discurage that sort of movies.

Imran Aziz

Anonymous said...

lolbollywood copies everthing hindu people need plagarism this ticks off alot of people how about if my name is khan was copied by hollywood u bollywood lovers would complain lol hollywood makes the best racism movies better than my name is khan f all hindi music and thier pathedic piontless 24 hour hindi movies lol its funny how people referrring to fobs can watch thesame thing over and over again by the way nooooooooooo bollywood movie comes close to a hollywood movie

Anonymous said...

forget to metion overacting by a landslide yyyeeeeeeeeee russel pters agrees toooooooo

Anonymous said...

india billions of people still lack in the oylimpics

Anonymous said...

dont forget the film do kaliyan ... which was copied from "The parrent's trap" which was originally made in the 60s... based on a novel of same name. It was remade in 90s starring dennise quaid.

Anonymous said...

Hum Tum Aur Ghost(2010) - Ghost Town(2008)

Anonymous said...

Prince(2010) - The Bourne Identity(2002) and Crank(2006)

Anonymous said...

Another addition:
Bluff Master---inspired from The Game, Matchstick Man and Seven Queens

Anonymous said...

you have done a great job bro...
thanks... exquisite work...

Jay said...

I just watched A Hindi movie called 'FOX'(2009) on TV and immediately I noticed that it was a blatant lift of a Hollywood movie which I watced during my college days called, 'A Murder of Crows'(1998).I even watched 'Right ya Wrong(2010) which completely resembles 'Above Suspicion'(1995)

Anonymous said...

Bollywood Copies of Korean films
You, me or hum- A Moment to Remember
Ugly or Pagli- My Sassy Gal
Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai-Cyborg She

Anonymous said...

Welcome is another bollywood copy of the Korean film Marrying the Mafia.

gopal said...

guru copied of AVIATOR.. Leonardo DiCaprio IN THIS FILM. WHO IS IN TITANIC

Anonymous said...

come on Bollywood,u have soooooooooooo much of talent....quit getting "INSPIRED" and start makng originals....:-)

Rojan said...

Ek Ajnabee Copied "From Man on Fire"

Rojan said...

Acid factory copied exactly from "Unkonwon"

Anonymous said...

HOLY SHIT!! I feel sorry for BOLLYWOOD!!((

Anonymous said...

you know whats very weird?!?!?!?! bollywood actors think there cool not GAY!!?????

Anonymous said...

you know whats very weird?!?!?!?! bollywood actors think they're cool not GAY!!?????

fatima said...

look yh u lt can say bad suff about bollywood but they dont care.i they got inspired from the movies and tht doesnt meen they stole it or copyed it means they liked it and wanted to use the idea of the story.SO ALL OF YOU SHUT UP IF U DISLIKE BOLLYWOOD GO TO HELL. WHY ARE YOU EVEN COMMENTING THIS IS FOR PPL WHO WANT TO KNOW AND DONT CARE IF THEY COPED OR INSPIRED. YOU KNOW WHAT THEY CAN COPY ALL THEY WANt. ITS NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS GO FIND SOME THING ELSE TODO OTHER THAN BEING RUDE TO BOLLYWOOD THERE ARE BILIONS OF OTHER MOVIES THT WERNT COPYED OR INSIPERED AND HOLLYWOOD DO COPY ASWELL SO STOP a huge bollywood fan and im just saying stop disliing and if u dont like it dont comment

Jignesh said...

dhamal === rat race

mayur shett said...

i think nishabd is copied from 'american beauty' instead of lolita.

Anonymous said...

umm whoever worte this needs to check their sources because Rangeela came out years before Win a Date With Tad Hamilton! and Naina came out a good 3 years before The Eye. This is garbage

Anonymous said...

yes its true, that bollywood has couple of lifts here and there...or inspired scence and whatevers. but the effort that bollwood makes in completing a movie is not in comparable with hollywood..hollywood is great in spfx yet once upon a time they use to have great actors and actress like betty davis..and so on bollywood gives acting, music, dance, locations, drama, and glamour all within 3 hours which is called entertainment...which hollywood lacks still...just becoz some movies are lifts doesnt give people rights to talk crap about actors where they do 14 to 6 mboutovies per year while hollywood actors do 1 or 2 movies per year and the bollywood stars still look glamrous..till theyre mid60s both (woods) are doin what they do at theyre best ..thats why we still watch them. and dont hate on me coz trust me i know what im talkin about

Anonymous said...

Lol, I am amazed by the number of idiots here. Its obvious, a lot of the movies mentioned above are total rip offs of Hollywood movies. And even if a lot of Bollywood movies aren't, they are garbage anyways. No concise plot, themes, motifs, unoriginal music, bad acting, terrible awkward humor. Period.

pari said...

Hallo Darling- 9 to 5

Knock Out- Phoon Booth

Anonymous said...

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton came out ages after Rangeela. That is wrong. Moreover, just one small part of Life in a Metro is inspired from The Apartment.

Anonymous said...

younger generation dont like anything original-while in schools,college,dont study text books,guides id thrir study base-likewise original movies they wont see even if they have this list-but one thing for sure, you people have made lot of efforts and also make we the cinegoers that ideas,scripts,songs, if good enough to be presented and liked by people in general-ie cinegoers=it is ok-but to lift scene by scene, dialogues, music in alsost fullest sense, which speaks of caliber of our pic directors, music directors / story writers- but when idea in put up with indian perspetive or back ground it is fine-ok bcz quite many in ccities and metros dont prefer to go in for original movies- any way-thanks for all search-even piece by piece, scenes copy is more than disgrace to indian cinematic mentality

Anonymous said...

who ever is a bollywood has to have mental issues its usually hindus who love bollywood and those people r screwed in the head....

for all u bollywood fools just stop and admit bollwyood is a copycat and u know whats the worst thing about bollwyood that they try to compete with hollywood...first they copy hollywood, then they act like hollywood actors than they say hollywood is garbage...

and bollywood always says we r the biggest film industry in the world by making the most movies per year hahahhaha whats the point off making the most movies when 99% of them r flop and the ones that r not are copyed from hollywood?? hahha funny ppl

Anonymous said...

bollywood is still 100 years behind hollywood and never ever will come close to hollywood. man it wud be funny if bollywood movies were watched by the whole world hahahha people wud be laughing at india...

even the name bollywood is copied from hollywood hahahha shame on u bollywood its very easy to copy other people than to do ur own work...

sidharth said...

it's just the "folk" in the song segment and pertinent celluloid representation of ideas in a society that accounts for originality in cinema. the rest is,though may be brilliantly done is either "inspired" or lifted. You dream something you saw and you start working. Originality in celluloid work will come from need of society to capture the zeitgeist of the corresponding decade truly and essentially to tell the story or represent itself. But you wont be able to do that here in india. Becoz then we won't be having so clld bollywood churning out piles and entertaining even the diaspora!!......ofcourse people from hollywodd too have found themselves in copyright lawsuits

Anonymous said...

bollywood is a hopeless industry

Sarvagya said...

dhamaal=rat race
aabra ka dabra= harry potter and philosopher's stone
paa=the curious case of benjamin button
koi mil gaya=ET
blue=Into the blue
kites=gone with the wind

Sarvagya said...

dhamaal=rat race
aabra ka dabra= harry potter and philosopher's stone
paa=the curious case of benjamin button
koi mil gaya=ET
blue=Into the blue
kites=gone with the wind

Anonymous said...

What do the Indians think they are, profiting from others ideas and hard work by cutting and pasting films from around the world like Hollywood, Pakistan, Korea, Indonesia, Spain just to name a few. I think it is disgraceful and can't stand when I hear indian actors talking about thier upcoming projects as if it's something to be proud off. I am so ashamed of the bollywood film idustry.

They are clearly stupid and have no original thoughts. They should be penalised and ordered to share profits with the original film maker.

Anonymous said...

bollywood is shit...

Anonymous said...

why are the indians doing spanish dance in their movie as if they do this. indian movies do not reflect the reality of india. Indian women are married by force at 11 and live in slums wearing sarees. in movies they are so sexy looking which is afalse image of india. I hate indian films too and agree with the comments above.

Anonymous said...

indian bollywood is such a shame. Rajneeti songs are all copies. check out the Indonesian Band Peter Pan whom they copies and the music director said they are original ideas.

Anonymous said...

If the people are so ashamed of bollywodd movies then why do u all flock around the theatres to watch a movie many times...also some1 mentioned about movies being copied from pakistan..listen anonymous...pakistan film industry is one of the worst film industries of the world and is very badly financially crippled...Even in an interview from pakistan their people said that the movies made are really crappy and they enjoy bollywood movies more than anything..
so, shut the fish up and comment after doing a good research...
Bollywood Rocks.....

Anonymous said...

Guzaarish is lifted from “The Sea Inside” and “The Prestige”. Saawariya was lifted from a russian flick. Hum dil de chuke sanam from “Swayamvaram”, an old telugu film.

Anonymous said...

bollywood sucks evn emran khan bollywood actor wear tshirt wid dis msg....wat else proof u wan??

Anonymous said...

Bollywood is so full of shit
they have lame actors and lame directors who can't thing anything they just copied all the good movies from hollywood and Yeah i know that Hollywood also remakes a lots of movies like The Departed,The Ring,and some more but at-least directors told them that they are remakes and bollywood directors always said that no it's not copy of f*** you all.
and Fatima i thing you should shut the f*** up you comment was pretty dumb and lets face it bollywood copied hollywood for a long long time and still doing it you losers never agree that cause you're childish and whining about everything.
and Oh you know must of Amitabh movies are from from Hollywood Al Pacino movies like Scarface, Godfather 1 and 2 and more.not only they copies movies and music bit they also cope actors and actress
Hollywood Rocks Bitches!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr Ya Miss -> Its A Boy Girl Thing & Hot Chic (2002)

Murder -> UnFaithful

Ghajini ( Remake Of Tamil "Ghajini" Which Is Been Copied From "Memento") --> Memento

Kaante............Reservoir Dogs
Awara paagal deewana.......The whole 9 yards
Phir Hera-pheri..........Lock,stock & two smoking barrels
Kasoor...........Jagged Edge
Deewane hue paagal.........There's something about mary
Chor machaye shor.......Blue streak
Rangeela.........Win a date with Tad Hamilton
Salaam Namaste.........9 months
Salaam-e-ishq........Love Actually
Kyunki main jhooth nahi bolta - liar liar
Tarzan, the wonder car - herbie
Sarkar from Godfather
Koi mil gaya - E.T.
BLACK*/ THE MIRACLE WORKER*(one of my favs.)
KING UNCLE*/ ANNIE(gotta say, both were good films..back in the day. when i was a kid..hehe)
LAGAAN* (this is Disappointing isnt it?)/VICTORY
Agnisakshi - Sleeping with the enemy.
Chocolate - Usual suspects
Bunty aur bubli - Bonny n clyde
Hum tum - Harry met sally

Snatch - Fool n final
Partner : Hitch
pyaar ka saaya : Ghost
Masoom- Man,Woman and Child
Shaka Laka Boom Boom - Amadeu
Ek Ruka Hua Faisla - 12 Angry Men
sangarsh-the silence of the lambs
humko deewana kar gaye-notting hill
Leon The Professional - Bichchhoo
Phir Milenge - Philadelphia
Chachi 420- Mrs Doubtfire
Taxi No,9211 - Changing Lanes
Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna - Closer
Fatal Attraction: Pyar tune kya kiya
A Kiss before dying: Baazigar
U-Turn: Musafir
Basic Instinct: Inteqam (Manoj Bajpai n Isha Koppikar)
Blue Streak: Chor Machaye Shor
Jagged Edge: Kasoor
Consenting Adults: Ajnabee
mujhse shaadi karogi-anger management and meet the parents
guru-citizen kane
ZEHER - Out of Time
DHAI AKSHAR PREM KE - A Walk in the Clouds

Tathastu-John q
Rang De Basanti-All My Sons
Mr Ya Miss-hot chic
sauda -the deal -the indecent proposal
main aisa hi hoonh- i am sam
Kyon Ki...One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Qayamat: City Under Threat-the rock
Aapko Pehle Bhi Kahin Dekha Hai-meet the parents
3 Deewarein-the shawshank redemption
Chor Machaaye Shor-blue streak
Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi -parent trap
Kyo Kii... Main Jhuth Nahin Bolta -liar liar
Kartoos -the point of no return
Judwaa-the twin dragon
Papi Gudia-the child`s play
Fareb - Unlawful Entry
Agni Sakshi-Sleeping with the Enemy
Hum Hain Kamaal Ke See No Evil, Hear No Evil
Akayla- Cobra
Main Azaad Hoon - Meet John Doe
Maalamaal - Brewster's Millions
Janbaaz- Duel in the Sun
akele hum akele tum-krammer vs krammer

Durga Nandan said...

Surprising. Most of them.

Anonymous said...

how can any sane person say 3 deewarein was a copy of shawshank redemption!!???? the only thing common is the prison... by that logic every movie with a prison is a copy of shawshank redemption.
also whoever said Guru was a copy of aviator is a fool coz Guru is the life story of Dhirubhai Ambani!! or are you intending to say that Ambani's life was a copy of a hollywood flick!!
Dead poets society is not same as Mohabbatein - the only thing common is the teacher and student relationship...
Rang de Basanti is the life story of 3 original indian martyrs - again nothing to do with all my sons.
now who said Kaminey is a copy of Macbeth?? asshole, read macbeth first and then comment.

overall the list is good but look closely, 80% of them are smalltime movies with smalltime directors.

Sid Justice

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that the number of posters who are outraged by Bollywood's plagiarisms outnumber those idiots who are just fine with it. If you want to remake a film buy the copyrights! Do you really want India to be known as a country of intellectual thieves?

Anonymous said...

here is list of emglish to tamil

Anonymous said...

You gotta understand that yes these are all based on the same thing the hollywood ones were but they are all not EXACTLY the same most of which are vastly different; and yea there is a lot on the list but think about all the other movies that aren't. There are a ton of original bollywood movies so chillax!

Anonymous said...

"Chak De India" was a copy of "Remember The Titans", not "Miracle".

I think you need to validate your list!

Anonymous said...

bottom line bollywoods 3 bigggest ever movies are allll copiess and hollywoods ideasss gajni,,, sholay,, and the 3 idiots which is a copy of Five Point Someone..
welll doneee bolly

Anonymous said...

who d hell said veer is copied frm troy..u idiot..

Anonymous said...

WELL, there is absolutely no doubt abt the fact that these films were all plagiarised.
Sangharsh, for example, is nothing but a Indianised version of Silence of the Lambs.THey just weren't brave enough to include the cannibal element, and so they cut it out. That's all.And ruined the film. :|
Chocolate is another frame by frame copy (of The Usuak Suspects0.
Anyway, those still in doubt, watch:
Dot the I and Naqaab

Anonymous said...

How Bollywood will improve if they have actors like akshay kumar, and kareena kapor as most popular actors.
I'm afraid if they try to copy inception and Tom Hanks flicks.

Anonymous said...

Action Replay From Back to the Future
May be they should think of Action Replay 2 and 3 as plots are already available(Back to the Future 2,3). And say that it is a grand sucess of Action Replay. Therefore we are planning for its sequel.

ShalShobraj said...

Dostana was not a copy of Chuck and Larry. The only similarity was the gay couple. The idea of gay couple was seen even in Kal Ho Na Ho, whenever Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan pretended to be gay infront of Saif's nanny. Kal Ho Na Ho came out in 2003 and Chuck Larry came in 2007, now you people tell me who copied who? O ya do not forget, many people in Hollywood know who Shah Rukh Khan is and they also know his movies.

Anonymous said...

some of them are from korean movie,,plus action replay from korean project makeover

muhammed said...

dont say housfull is a copy of the cooler and hangover ok..

Anonymous said...

Kaminey=Macbeth is wrong, but Maqbool=Macbeth is correct, and sorry to say but it cannot be termed as a lift. It's an adaptation. The director mentions it in the opening credit. Kaminey is not a copy of any movie, the director Vishal Bhardwaj has bought the screenplay and the story from one of his own students of writing workshop.
People are talking about Magnificient Seven which inspired Sholay, Khotay Sikkay, China Gate. How many of u know that even Magnificient Seven is not an original. It is a straight lift of the World's greatest film-maker of all time Master Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai.(You must must must watch Akira Kurosawa's Movies)
3 idiots is completely original screenplay adapted from the novel Five Point Someone. Adapting a novel and crediting it does not make it a lift.
Please understand the difference between Copying and Adapting.
("Bollywood" is an adjective that is given to the Indian Film Industry by some stupid journalists and media personnels just to underline that we are not original, we just add our B and remove their H and make movies. The B word indicates we are lifters, I hence wont use that)
People supporting Plagiarism in Indian Film Industry should grow up and admit to the fact. There are many original movies that are made in India, how many of us watch them. We run after stupidly money wasting big budget films and unnecessarily highly paid actor's films. This country has highly rich and original literature like Ramayana and Mahabharatha and today we are caught in the act of Plagiarism that too from the west. Like every other field ther is corruption in this field too. Some people with no talent who have gone rich in this business by fluke are trying hard so that people with talent and originality should not enter the field. "Jo badaaa hai useey aur badaa karo, jo chotaa hai usko masal do" This is the attitude towards not so big but truly dedicated and original script writers. Let's hope for the best for INDIAN FILM INDUSTRY (IFI)... I Love India like all of you and want it to be great in each and every field, In field of movies too, but not by lifting, but by creating original films...

Anonymous said...

Great research,most of the movie makers don't have any sense of how to make a original movie so they just take ideas from foreign cinema to make easy bucks and they fool people in India

Shoaib said...

Hello Friend
can u tell me from where bollywood movie "HAWA" is taken from...
well before 8 years i seen this hollywood movie on MM1 channel but unless i forgot its any one can tell me.

Anonymous said...

You have not mentioned Ghajni being a copy of Memento

Anonymous said...

E.T. was plagiarized from Satyjit Rays "The Alien", a story written long before E.T The Extra-terrestrial and was making the rounds in Hollywood as a script.

"Koi Mil Gaya" was inspired from "The Alien", while E.T. was "lifted" by Spielberg, without due credit by the's not just Bollywood that "lifts" without paying dues.

Anonymous said...

i think in 2050 we will see original movie from bollywood

Anonymous said...

Nice list...although few movies u need to cross check and i hope they dont f****** dare to copy movies like Inception and other flick because Bollywood cannot make this things.....and yes I do agree not all hollywood movies are original but atleast they acknowledge or mention or give credit whereas bollywood is afraid of giving credit...they want to take credit for what they dont do. its sad....story of bollywood with few songs....few masala scenes and lots of stupid comedy we like bollywood movies.....and yes Fatima u Shut the F*** up.......

Anonymous said...

Chandni Chowk to China - Kung Fu Panda

Anonymous said...

Hollywood copies, lifts & plagiarizes just as much as Bollywood. People just come up with an excuse for HWood though. And not all are legit remakes etc.

Celebrated director Martin Scorsese "The Departed" is a frame-by-frame lift of Chinese "Infernal Affairs", with the same jokes even. And they called it an "adaptation", instead of a "copy".

"Finding Nemo" is a lift of French childrens book "Pierrot Le Poisson Clown"

Theres tonnes more..

Anonymous said...

pyaar toh hona hi tha:French Kiss

Vijith said...

Rang de basanti is inspired by Jesus of Montreal...

Pravin Aloz said...

Dial M for Murder 1954 Aitbaar 1985
An Affair to Remember 1957 Mann 1999

Anonymous said...

Paa is not a copy of A curious Case of Benjiman Button, It's a copy of Jack

I don't think Mohobattien is a copy of any movie, it may be inspired or similar to a few movies but that doesn't mean it was inspired or copied. For example, freaky friday, 17 again, 13 going on 30, swith; they are all concepts of spirit guides, it doesn't mean they are ripped off from one another.

Dostana is a copy of Chuck and Larry in many ways other than the gay concept.

Rang de Basanti is not a copy the MIG-16 crashes and the scandal happened in real life and the rest of the film is lifted from the pages of Indian history itself.

Koi Mil Gaya is also inspired by Forest Gump, especially in the detailing of Roshan's character, something he portrayed beautifully and I can live by it!

For all those who don't know 'The Eye' is a remake of a Korean film (which is truly credited by BOTH the versions made i hollywood, one in 2002 and the other in 2008.

And finally Sangharsh is not a copy of Silence of the Lambs. both these movies run on the psyche of the antagonist, Rana's psyche and reasons for killing is very different from Buffalo Bill's reason to kill, besides are you seriously comparing Hanibal Lector with Akshay Kumar's character?
thats all I have to say!

BTW a hollywood film thats coppied on bollywood:

Death at a funeral from Daddy Cool

although Death at a funeral was a british film in 2007, so basically both hollywood and bollywood remade it, although like all the remakes hollywood is the only one that gave credit!

Anonymous said...

Departed (Sorry, Can't take s**t for Martin Scorsese) received 4 oscars. The film won four Academy Awards at the 79th Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director (Martin Scorsese), Best Film Editing (Thelma Schoonmaker), and Best Adapted Screenplay (William Monahan).
The Last One says "Oscar for Adopted Screenplay".
If Departed were to be made in Bollywood, I bet the award would have said "Best Original Screenplay"!!!!
It is all about giving due credits to the original...guys. Well hell, the 3 Idiots guys did not give due credits to Chetan Bhagat (Not that I think is a good writer, but still he should have). Inspired guys give credit, Plagiarists don't. Plagiarists portray that it is their idea and take credit for it.
But the Question is "How can established actors like SRK, Amitabh Bacchan would agree to do a Copied films?
For example, AB did Kaante, which I found to be lifted from 4 different films. Mostly from Reservoir dogs, Major chunk form Usual suspect and Robbery scene from HEAT. I don't remember the 4th reference (sorry). It's hard to believe that AB or any other cast member did not watched few of the most watchable movies. Damnn..."Usual suspect" and "Reservoir dogs" are "you must watch before you Die!! movies (Few others too)
And these MotherF*****'S have balls to say "Pay for my s**t and stop piracy !!!!"
I stopped paying (time & money) for any movie that is made by Johars, Chopras, Ghai, Barjatya etc. (you get the Idea).

Anonymous said...

Think u need to understand that the foundation of every movie lies in some incident, novel, legends, biographies and other movies. Thats the way u get the ideas. So, the source of the story should never be the only factor to judge a movie. Many of the movies copied from other languages in Bolly as well as hollywood were appreciated and did wonders just because they were entertaining.

Anonymous said...

There isn't any problem for Bollywood copying from Hollywood because its in their genes. Name "Bollywood" itself is lifted straight from "Hollywood". WHAT A SHAMELESS FILM INDUSTRY !!!!

Anonymous said...

Leave bollywood.the hollywood uses the indian idea of incarnation of god in avatar.cameron said he named the title avatar from india,concept of the 5 elements of our body i.e, fire,water,etc in the last airbender and the fifth element,boyle made film in india with indian ideas but stupid bollywood people.these fools are keen on copying despite developing original ideas from country and our history.if they wish,they can even succeed hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Name Bollywood comes from Hollywood, yes, but even many of the actors have expressed how much they hate the term Bollywood, but it is stuck so can't do anything about it.Btw Bollywood is not the only industry with wood at the end,there's Nollywood from Nigeria and Lollywood from Pakistan. Atleast now you can tell the film industries apart. Also Aap ki Khatir(2006) is copied from The Wedding Date(2005). But I believe Hollywood's Just Go With It(2011) is a copy of Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya(2005).The similarities are shocking. So there you go, I guess getting inspired or copying whatever u call it is human nature. But I know India can make really good movies, but they just need to be more original. It has so much potential. Take ideas from novels,history,and important figures of our country & make some meaningful cinema like Choker Bali.

Anonymous said...

Its not always only bollywood who is inspired by Hollywood films.there have been instances when Bollywood films have inspired Hollywood movies. Madhumati (1958) inspired the Hollywood film The Reincarnation of Peter Proud (1975),[20] which in turn inspired the Bollywood film Karz (1980), which in turn influenced another Hollywood film Chances Are (1989).[46] The 1975 film Chhoti Si Baat is believed to have inspired Hitch (2005), which in turn inspired the Bollywood film Partner. So basically some ideas are used and re-used by different film industries.this is not to say that originality should be compromised. Infact whenever idea is lifted the solution should be to mention the source of inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Bollywood Sucks

Raj said...

Not going to go about discussing if the movie is inspired or a carbon copy but I'll just add that many of the movies that are claimed to be copied are actually just having the same theme. In no way is it an adaptation or a stolen idea. Its not like one guy writes a book about a man going to prison and someone else writes a book about a man going to prison , therefore the second guy copied from the first guy. The idea is man going to prison and that can be thought of by anybody , it doesn't even have to be a writer. Its the same for many cases here. For example Koi Mil Gaya being a copy of Extra Terrestrial. Its a science fiction movie about an alien encounter and yes there are some children involved ,but the plot is different.

I won't however defend bollywood anyway 'cause there are many idiots who copy not just hollywood ,basically anything they can get their hands on, french, japanese, korean e.t.c.. But again , India comes out with the most number of movies an year than any other country and few are bound to be copied, but it doesn't mean Bollywood is filled with it or that nothing is original.

Bollywood Rocks.

Anonymous said...

Many movies, mentioned in this list are actual copies of the hollywood flicks, some are influenced, some are inspired. but some are not at all!! like manorama 6 feet under!! it cant be a copy of chinatown!! i have seen both the movies repetitively and i dont think M6FU is anyway copied or inspired from China town!!

Aamir Afzal said...


Manish Dekavadiya said...

Do you know upcoming movie Players is copy and concept of which Hollywood movie? I guess it will be concept of SWORDFISH or OCEAN Series as I have heard on news.. but I don't remember.

Please post it on when you find it on entertainment section.

Hemendra said...

Players is a copy of Italian Job(2003)
And the movie F.A.L.T.U. is a acene by scene copy of the movie Accepted(2006)

Anonymous said...

I love how all the Bollywood fans are getting upset at people finally catching on to how much garbage Bollywood is. The thing is, I don't see why they don't make up there own movies and have the same singing and dancing. I don't mind Bollywood movies, I just get upset when they copy. I have seen a few Bollywood films that I have enjoyed however when I watch a film and realize its a copy off, I turn my DVD player off. Also I noticed there were a few ignorant comments on here targeting Hindu's, whats up with that? Come on people just agree or disagree with the posts don't go all racist on here...

Anonymous said...

Lagaan copied from The Air Up There, Black - Miracle Worker, Ra. One copied from Viruousity, Iron Man, Tron and many more. Bollywood just sucks. Bad direction, bad acting, atrocious ethics

Anonymous said...

The Hollywood uses Indian idea of incarnation in Avatar. Cameron said he named the title Avatar for his film from India, concept of the 5 elements ie; fire, water etc in the last Airbender. Boyle made Slumdog Millionaire with Indian idea, but our stupid people copy only, instead of looking for original ideas in our history. If they wish, Bollywood can even beat Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

I love how self-loathing Indians become Hollywood PR agents.

Even the mighty Steven Spielberg is a master of plagiarism.

Notebook was a crappy hollywood movie ripped from a beautiful Korean movie, There is a crappy hollywood version of every Japanese classic.
"Magnificent Seven" was a bad copy of a japanese classic "Seven Samurai", "A fistful of dollars" is a poor copy of "Yojimbo"
Its not until "once upon a time in the West" did Sergio Leone redeem himself as an iconic spaghetti western film maker.

Even the iconic "Star Wars" is inspired from a Akira Kurosawa classic. George Lucas has remained a one-hit plagiarized wonder. I wonder who is ghost writing/direting his new movie.

Well, that doesn't excuse cheap hollywood ripoffs. but people should stop acting like copyright lawyers and just chill. FYI, hollywood copies even more blatantly from obscure artists all around the world and they act as if they are god's chosen geniuses and keep congragulating themselves.

Bollywood said...

Stories and music are just like food recipes..theer will be exchange of ideas and new better recipes are created. You enjoy the new recipes as long as they are better and entertaining....However the problem with bollywood is not copying or plagiarism, the problem is "BAD COYING" ...No brains is used in copying. You have a few bollywood families, pormoting a bunch relatives who are bad actors , worse writers and singers, literally controlling the film industry.... Until Indian public will run off these kapoors, khans, khanns and tagores from the industry, the bollywood indusrty is doomed

Anonymous said...

Tabu Starrer movie "HAWA" was copied from the 1981 movie the "The Entity" & the idea of tyhe movie lagaan starring aamir khan was taken from Sylvester stallone starrer "Escaspe to victory" which also featured the great footballer "PELE"

Anonymous said...


SD said...

did you know FANAA is a direct copy of EYE OF THE NEEDLE ?

Anonymous said...

no action replay was a copy of back to the future u should update ya its shame to bollywood i watched back to the future is was sameeee

Anonymous said...

Indians (not ancient indians, they were the better indians) suck and are copycat anyways, not just films. But Bolly-"Copy"-wood shows how big thieves they are!

Indians = Joke

Anonymous said...

Hey guys
Don2 = Die Hard (best action movie ever) + Mission Impossible = Astroboy
Rajnikanth Robot = I,Robot

Anonymous said...

people please stop commenting like idiots. Watch the films before you say it.Like gahjini was only inspired from memento. Except for the memory thing and tatoos on the body there's nothin in common..!!

Anonymous said...

Not only Bollywood movies are always being copied from Hollywood but also the music is copied from all over the world; specially I would like to thanx our "Pritam Da" he is the height of music plagiarism follow link for more details

Anonymous said...

Scene of Gajini,where the asin helps the blind man cross the road in taken directly from the french movie amelie 2001..

Hollywood movie Avatar is rip off from hollywood movie Ferngully: The Last Rainforest

Anonymous said...

Tare Zameen Par story is taken from a book called "Thank you mr Falker" Indians are just wannabes.either you dont hae brain or you are not creative enough to make your own movies....Adios

Anonymous said...

knock out - liberty stands still

Anonymous said...

players is copy of the italian job

Anonymous said...

Dabangg's first fight is the copy of the fight scene in the transporter and last one is the copy of fight scene of sherlock holmes

Rishik111 said...

A comedy scene from dumb and dumber where policeman drinks toilet is copied in mela nd the concept of ghajini is copied from momento.despite this aamir claims to be creative.he's just a chief thief nd nthing else.

Anonymous said...

Pyar Jukta Nahin (1985) was copied A to Z from a Pakistani movie "Ainaa" (1977)
Jeene Nahin Doonga was also a copy of a Pakistani movie Maula Jatt

besides that Bollywood has copied thousands of Pakistani songs for their movies !

Anonymous said...

(Bichho-- Leon the professional.. ) Complete copy..-- Deep Halder

Anonymous said...

Kaun hai Woh copied from the Outsiders has not even been noticed an amitabh n dimple kapadia starer

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of meaningful and good Bollywood movies too. for example ...Dil chahta hai, Taarey zameen pe, sarfarosh, Lakshay, Zindagi na mileagi dobara and many more. But a lot is to be blamed to the people too since Indian Directors are making just the stuff the people are willing to see. If movies like Dabang, Housefull, gets hit at the box office I can really Imagine where the inspiration for making such movies coming from.

Besides there is no harm in adapting the concept if not copying,...but it should be meaningful enough. Especially the Comedy movies....They shouldn't make such comedy movies if they cannot.

I would rather prefer to watch Hollywood Animated movies than Bollywood new releases.......Kunfu panda and madagascar are far better than any of the Bollywood movies !!!!!!

Mr. Gautam Vagh said...

It is totally true that bollywood is picking up plots, remaking, copying from hollywood and even south indian films. The biggest evidence is MANN starring Amir Khan and Manissha Koirala. People in india truly love this movie. But when i saw AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER, I came to know it is copied frame by frame.... yes, songs was the added stuffs but what about the other parts. each and every sequence and even several dialogues are just copied from the original movie. And what do we say about all recent hits of salman khan???? they are all remake(not sure about dabang) of south indian films. Wanted of Pokiri, Ready of Ready, Bodyguard of Bodyguard. But what is this discussion all about????? In the end its all about the entertainment. and simply India is enjoying this then why to stop? India needs to decide weather to go with A Wednesday or Wanted? according to me both are worth watching.....

Anonymous said...

Slumdog Millioner's story is plagiarized from a childrens' book "A view from Saturday"

Ruby said...

a lot of the movies mentioned above are total rip offs of Hollywood name it, you get it from bollywood

Ruby said...

who cares? I love this film, it is a great ideas.

Anonymous said...

Bollywood don't know shit.
Their Movies are either inspired or copied exactly from not only Hollywood but also Swedish, French and Korean Cinema.
People here trying to defend Bollywood are narrow minded. They have no taste of Originality. EAT SHIT YOU FILMY'S.
People here need Dance Numbers (or should i call it Item Numbers) ;) Ha Ha "LOSERS".

The Bollywood industry is so SHAMELESS to Mock classics But you know what.. they would use any F*** word or expose busts like they do. Aaahhh friggin' cowards you Filmy's are. Or should i call this Indian Suckin' Censor Board.

You filmy's ... go out and see the world. check out their lifestyles. Don't be sucked in the ball sack. get a life.

Anonymous said...

milenge milenge is copied from "serendipity"
deewane huye paagal is from "there is something about mary"
knock out is from "phonebooth"
jung(sanjay dutt,jackie sfroff) is from "desperate measures"
daddy cool from "death at funeral"
agent vinod = full james bond masala
and many more...

Anonymous said...

LMAO! cant stop laughing at one of the comments here! one very 'well-informed' person slams down his/her death blow to the bolly vs holly argumnent saying the "3 biggest films of bollywd" are copies. elaboration follows: ghajni (ok, next?), sholay (alright, then?), 3 Idiots... "a copy of FIVE POINT SOMEONE"!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
HELLLO, my dear friend - FPS is NOT a hollywood film! it's a BOOK by Indian writer Chetan Bhagat, who sold the story to be made into a film!!!
Hehehehehehehehe!!!! HILARIOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

I do hear few advocates of Bollywood copying, who state that even movies made in Hollywood are lifts. The list above are few of those movies which he came across. There are thousands more. Now, the lists of originals are not all Hollywood. These are movies which are copied from all around the world. Now about real talent; back in the days there used to be lot more writers who were real thinkers.There are quite few these days or they are curbed. My dear readers, please do not support Bollywood just because you are an Indian. It does not add on your patriotism. If you really love Indian movies, you should voice against such plagarism, rather than stating that Hollywood copies too. And last but not the least, Bollywood is not Indian Cinema. It is just Hindi Movies. There are other Movie Industries in India as well.

Kai Mosoqy said...

Ha ha!!
Whoever is saying that Bollywood has some own guts to make films and that they are copying the movies to give a message to Indian ppl, 4get to say that !
they aint giving no shitty msg to nobody, all they want is to suck people's mind by making goddamn films to earn the profit only.
I have quit watching these "f" movies cuz it doesnt gimme any bit of morale or msg.

If they are such better fools then I would be veryyy happy to ask them to dare copy Avatar, The Dark Knight, Inception, Titanic,2012 and Tranformers !!!!! HA haaaaaaaaaaa.

I know they cant cuz they wanna save their money and just wanna raise it anyway !

If you want your crazzy-shitty-goddamn admirations over Bollywood, go do that but I bet "YOU WILL REGRET"

Anonymous said...

I wonder instead of watching the english/european movies why South Asian like to watch bollywood?From the childhood people used to learn plagiarism. Very sad and pathetic.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There are many bolly movies that are shamelessly copied from other movies. And its not the same as bieng copied coz you get a feeling that they hardly try! Total re-enactment of scenes and even dialogues.the problem is money and culture i guess! They just want a stupid tory to cast their useless stars and hope that the dumb people would like it and earn them cheap money that they don't deserve. Just watched 'players' remake of a mediocre 'the italian job' to understand the attitude of the money worshipping fame crazy filthy rubbish.even if they had made a good movie,it wouldn't have meant much,but then they found a way to make it a stinker!its a shame that farts like bipasha basu,bobby deol,sonam kapur and abhishek bachan call themselves actor!

Anonymous said...

Bollywood don't know anything. Their Movies are either inspired or copied exactly from not only Hollywood but also Swedish, French and Korean Cinema. WHAT A SHAME. People here trying to defend Bollywood are narrow minded. They have no taste of Originality. People here need Dance Numbers (or should i call it Item Numbers) ;) Ha Ha "LOSERS". The Bollywood industry is so SHAMELESS to Mock classics But you know what.. they would use any F*** word or expose busts like they do. Aaahhh friggin' cowards you Filmy's are. Or should i call this Indian Useless Censor Board. You filmy's ... go out and see the world. check out their lifestyles. Don't limit yourself, get a life.

Anonymous said...

Bollywood sucks, Hollywood rocks

Anonymous said...

I think its important to note, that Bollywood remained stagnant for decades because of two factors, quantity over quality, and its popular formula that cranked out films people in India want to see. However, the fact remains that India is evolving because of a few wonderful directors coming into their own and that should never be overlooked.

Having stated that, I can guarantee hardly anyone that's commented on this post in the last two years has ever done the research to "check" if Bollywood had the permission to "remake" that film. I can add to the list a recent film called "We are Family" 2010 based on "Stepmom" 1998 produced by Dharma Productions. Instead of buying the rights to "Stepmom" K. Johar opted to coproduce the film with Sony Pictures. Does this sound like a big time film production agency in India trying to plagiarize? I don't think so.

Interestingly enough, one thing never mentioned by ANYONE in this ranting forum, is that Bollywood "formula" I mentioned above. Bollywood is known for its musical numbers and larger then life productions. I can guarantee you that you will never see Arnold S. from T2 twisting his hips all cute like SRK did in R.A. One.

For the person who said Bollywood supporters have narrow minds, lets look at the issue with an open one. Say, Bollywood buys the rights to a film, and remake that film into something their audience wants. For example, T2 was a magnificent film in the US, but not a family one. I would never show it to my kids. However as a 20 year old bad in the day I loved it. So, I showed my kids (ages 7-15) RA One, and they loved it. They see it as a musical extravaganza with over stretched special effects made to be entertaining and different then the original film allowed. A Bollywood fan wouldn't see this as a "copy" they would recognize this film as a movie based on a popular American movie enhanced into something that they would enjoy with their family. The movie is now in their language, it uses their customs, as well as actors they love and adore playing the lead roles.

Another point is that copying theme ideas is one thing, but copying the actual movie is something different. In the BW movies I've seen, only one has blatantly copied scenes.(I'm not saying there aren't more) "Baadshah" was in the original list above as copying The Mask, Rush Hour, and Mr Nice Guy. I'd like to add "If Looks could Kill" to that list. Two scenes were directly stolen from that film. Did they have permission? Well, you know what I don't know because I don't know how to find that information on a movie so old. If they did? Well then I'd shut up cuz they bought and paid for it and its their right to use it for their own Indian audiences. If not, I will say a bit of shame on you for that one because it was blatantly copied. I do hope BW doesn't partake in that obvious plagerism any more.

Last, I hope not everyone believes all these unsubstantiated reports of what movies have been copied. Go find out for yourself. I mean, someone said Kites was Gone with the Wind? Did they just say that cuz Kites FLY?? When its windy?? My goodness, those two films have nothing in common. Absolutely nothing! Also, alot of these films compared aren't actually that similar. Some of the things happened in that movie may have happened in another, it doesn't even mean they are close enough to warrant "permission" to use in a film of their own. Paycheck and Krishh? On what planet?

The sharing of ideas is global and you can't complain about another country when yours obviously does the same. As for me, I'm excited to see BW grow and I look forward to seeing what it produces in the future rather then complain about what its done in the past.

Anonymous said...

After all this ,still if there are people saying that bollywood rocks then i guess they are not mentally capable of understanding hollywood movies and they all shud be sent to mental asylum for their treatment........and if they still dont get it ,then they shud be made permanant members of the asylum..:D :D

Anonymous said...

and yeah fatima definitely sucks (Big Time....:( )

Anonymous said...

u know Indian are big fan of copy and paste but after reading the names of my fav . movies ... i feel pity for this brainless Indians .. they copy music , lyrics , action ,the whole story and sad thing is ,some can't even think a different title .. they just translate it to Hindi .. shame on them .. thinking they are smart and the best .. u guys are only foolinh urselff .. i heard india was piece of shit but now i have no chance to belive it and u should too

Anonymous said...

One comment.. if you dont like.. dont watch..
I dont know why people waste 3 hours of time and money in theather or PC and complain.. stupid people...

Also, they fight that they have good taste of money... and will ga ga over sequels or threquel of hollywood movies and most of them are crappyy... Movies, stories and literature is always copy... and in end the best survives.. So.. stop complaning and if you really like arts.. go and watch real theather... rather than watching some stupid bollywood or hollywood movie... Don't complain... otherwise you are the person who should visit asylum....

Anonymous said...

Is the Indian movie break ke baad copied from any Hollywood movie?

Anonymous said...

Everyone the frame to frame copy bollywood ever did was Qayamat > The Rock (1995.


have u seen paycheck???? N krish is a superhero film. And do u know reservoir dogs is inspired from a chinese movie. Hollywood is also not original. Its business everyone does that. Pearl harbor copy of indian film sangam. I read an article about movies copied buy hollywood. So chill

Naveen Modani said...

where from tere naal love ho gaya is copied?

Anonymous said...

Faltu is copied from Accepted

Anonymous said...

Daddy Cool-Death at Funeral

Anonymous said...

It's ironic and really funny that some people commenting here did watch the original only after watching the Bollywood version, just to compare... C'mon guys, get a life!!! Cant you decide what u should watch?? dont be such a snob, all u non hindu Religious Bigots....

Anonymous said...

I failed to get what people like about copied movies bollywood makes, why not watch the originals...?

Anonymous said...

Akshay kumars fight scenes in many films are shot to shot copy from many Hong Kong and Hollywood films. Aan men at work used John woo style of dove flying before his entry, the next shot he's got people shooting machine guns and he does not get even one bullet was a remake of a Hollywood film, can't remember the name, then awara pagal deewana had a 100% replica of the matrix fight scene. Then in dewane huye pagal he copied Tony jaa's ong bak fight. Jani dushman fights from terminator 2. And many more films of his have copied from other international films..... And this made him the best action movie star in India . I can't stand any of his gay style fight scenes. Bollywood need originality.

Anonymous said...

Dude, if the movies are SIMILAR..then that doesnt mean that they were copied Koi Mil Gaya and most of the movies are just similar ...then that doesnt mean that they were COPIED!!

Anonymous said...

Amir khan and Manisha's Mann is copy of An affaire to remember

Anonymous said...

Bollywood people are god damn mother fuckers, they don't know shit about acting, no shit about directing, no shit about screen play nor about the god damn music which is also being copied, the music producers like anu malik and himesh reshamiya will prove that from time to time. Long story short these are pretentious mother fukers who are eating up peoples' money by their fuking copied whore shit material

Anonymous said...

Some comments in support of Bolywood films are painstakingly lengthy.. like trying to microscopically examine and justify why BW is doing so....He He He.... trying to educate whom???? Guys who can see understand clearly who the copycats are??? give a break.. understand that BW is nothing but bunch of copycats.

And as for Arnold gyrating hips.... in a Sci-Fi movie??.... only Indians can understand the logic of running around trees.

Nailing.... didnt we imitate the terms "Bollywood", Kollywood, "Tollywood" from the original "Hollywood"? Any other cinema in the world has such "wood" terms? what are we trying to prove? i will say... trying to copy them...

Anonymous said...

bollywood sucks..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cocktail 2012 is copied from Cocktail (1988)

Anonymous said...

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara(2011) is copied from Lords of Dogtown (2005)

Anonymous said...

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara(2011) is copied from City Slickers (1991)as well....

floetic justice said...

50 first dates was a copy of Why Me, Sweetie?!

Rajesh Kamboj said...

Kehna kya chahte ho?

Shah Khan said...

you all chutiyas its the third list i went through where Akayla by Amitabh is not mentioned as its a charles Bronson movie!!

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