Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Arjun Rampal Blames Indian Cricket Team for Non Performance

Arjun Rampal has all the good things going for him. His Housefull is doing decently well, his next movie Ra One is touted to be the next big thing. He is also opening his club LAP in Mumbai after the one he opened in Delhi. He is a tad sad though especially after his wife Mehr Jessia was dragged in the T20 controversy. She had organized the IPL parties and Dhoni remarked after the T20 World Cup loss that the IPL parties were responsible for the non-performance.

Arjun says, "I own a night club. So definitely, I'll be the one who'll be promoting a lot of parties in and out of the town. But the fact of the matter is that all the players used to get three days off before their next game. IPL is more of a carnival. Fans got closer to the players and everybody enjoyed themselves. That was the motto of such parties. I don't think it's correct to say that 'It's the parties and therefore the Indian team hasn't done well at the recent failure at the ICC World Cup T-20'. I think it's the selection of the team which was not correct. Secondly, the other players like Chris Gayle, Michael Hussey, etc who came from International teams have come to IPL parties and went on to play good innings later in the World Cup T-20. I don't think that my wife and I are to be blamed for organising parties. That's silly and just an excuse to get away. Get the game right first. We were not forcing anyone to come to the parties. If my movies don't do well, I don't blame anybody else but myself."


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