Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kites Hindi Version or Kites English Version: Which is Better?

Kites Hindi version released on 21 May 2010 and the English version, Kites: The Remixed released on May 28. Which is better?

While Kites is edited by Avik Ali, the English version of Kites is edited by  Brett Ratner. The international version aimed at the US market and the multiplex going youth crowd is 90 minutes long. The Hindi version of Kits is 130 minutes long with songs.

The English version will have all the songs deleted  except for 'Fire' which has an altenative English version that will be heard during the end titles. With alternative footage and added action scenes, this movie aims at a younger, action orientated audience. The movie is said to be 'racier, edgier and spunkier' than the Hindi edit following the remix formula idea originally created by Michael "Mic" Neumann for the international television series titled Kung Faux which re-cut, remixed, and re-scored original Hong Kong produced kung fu action films.

While the Hindi version of Kites is scheduled for release on May 21, 2010, the international version will be released one week later on May 28, 2010. The two versions were simultaneously shot, and that most of the original Hindi based music has been replaced by the Hollywood's composer Graeme Revell for the international English ( Dubtitled ) version of the movie.


Anonymous said...

i am searching for English version of Kites, can you tell me how to download?
Vishal Singh

Anonymous said...

Try online through file sharing sites

Anonymous said...

OMG the english version is soo cutted xD this is the cooles movie ever, why do anyone want to see it in a shorter version??

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