Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bollywood's Worst Films Ever, Worst Bollywood Movies

Let us look at the worst Bollywood movies in the past 10 years. Even though some of them may be hits, they are not even entertaining and are lucky to have contributing factors that ensured that they would become successful. Here are the worst Bollywood films ever (we are not counting the B-grade ones and low budget movies that went away with a whisper). We are talking about movies that screamed the loudest and were as devoid in content as empty, rusty vessels. Here are the worst Bollywood movies in descending order

1. Raavan (2010). Raavan has got to win the worst Bollywood movie of 2010. Flop factors: Zero content and bad performances

2. Housefull(2010): Not such a big hit as Sajid Khan claims, this silly film is an embarrassment. A sad attempt at slapstick comedy, Housefull has  racist overtones, cheap humor and a climax that makes us cry.

3. Kambakkht Ishq(2009): An expensive piece of crap, one must say.  Jarring music, horrible screenplay, zero script and dialogues that are potent enough to make you a mental patient. Also the not-so proud winner of the 2009-Golden Kela Award

4. Tashan:(2008): This movie has some of the all the time best, WORST. Worst film of the Yash Raj banner, worst performance of Anil Kapoor, worst chemistry between lead actors, Saif and Kareena in the first part of the film and yes, the worst film of 2008. Headache guaranteed.

5. Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag(2007): Ram Gopal Varma confirms what we all believe: It is a benchmark for Bollywood flops.  RGV Ki Aag is number 12 in the all time worst movies of the world, according to IMDB. The only big thing in the entire movie: Urmila Matondkar's cleavage (see picture)

6. Umrao Jaan(2006): Umrao Jaan was monumental torture.  No more words to say
7.  Neal n Nikki (2005): Premarital sex and big boobs were some of the words that adorned this movie. The oldies were shocked and youngsters dint know which way to look. Moral of the story: Sensationalism doesn't always sell.

8. Naach(2004):  Abhishek Bachchan knows to bore, Akshay Kumar knows to torture and Ram Gopal Varma knows to do both. Abhishek Bachchan starred in this stressful exercise called Naach.

9. The Hero(Lovestory of a Spy) (2003): Anil Sharma tortured us big time in Hero: Lovestory of a Spy. He did an encore in Veer

10. Jaani Dushman (2002): A serious film that can make you roll on the floor, a direct opposite to Housefull, a comedy film that can make you cry. Watch Sonu Nigam for his all-time best hamming scenes.

12. Yaadein(2001); Subash Ghai showed us that he is going to lose his touch in time to come, with Yaadein. A film that threatened to put all stops to Hrithik Roshan's career, this big bore was best forgotten.

13. Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge(2000): Try seeing a few scenes on DVD and we challenge you that you'd use the remote to 'turn off' and get back to  better things.


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