Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Name is Khan Bollywood Biggest Overseas Hit

My Name is the biggest Bollywood hit overseas and the director Karan Johar is clearly elated. The movie released worldwide in Germany, France and USA have won rave reviews. Karan Johar says, ,” The film was reviewed very well in all New York papers. We opened in a very limited engagement at Angelica Film Centre where only prestigious art house cinema from across the globe is screened. It was a matter of pride for us to see people so much interested in our film.: He adds, The film has indeed transcended across boundaries. It has released in Germany as well as France now. In the weeks to come, we would also be releasing in Russia as well as many other territories. People at FOX are planning it all out. MNIK has truly emerged as the first global film to be coming out of India and doing well commercially as well."

Resting speculations about how people can come to watch the movie when the DVD are already out, Karan Johar states that the DVDs are only released in India and not outside. In India, My Name is Khan is a hit but not a blockbuster hit as it is overseas. Karan says, "Well, in India MNIK has been a huge hit. In overseas, it is the biggest ever hit. See, MNIK is a very different film. It is not your quintessential entertainer. It doesn't have comedy and popular music which is staple diet for Bollywood followers. Still, it netted 75 crores just in India. Even in overseas, it has been the number one grosser ever. If we talk about the cumulative business between Indian and overseas, it is amongst the Top 3 Bollywood films ever", Karan states some hard facts before signing off.


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