Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Raajneeti Mistakes and Goof-ups

Though Raajneeti is a brilliant film, the director has taken some cinematic liberties to make the film dramatic with excessive violence and some rather frivolous scenes. Prakash Jha seems to have treated sex casually in the film; some scenes defy sexual logic. Here are some of the mistakes in Raajneeti:

1. Prakash Jha goes high on adrenalin with ministers not only scheming but hacking each others' accomplices to death. You do not see Chief ministers, police personnel and opposition party leaders killed to death in broad daylight, do you?

2. The climax scene where all media is normally on high alert; Ranbir Kapoor tricks opposition party leaders Manoj Bajpai and Ajay Devgn to come to a factory, and begins to rain gun shots on them in broad daylight. Highly an unrealistic scene on the day when election results are declared, where the media is ready to capture even the sneeze of politicians.

3. All the women in the film who have sex for the first time become pregnant.Bharti Rai (Nikhila Trikha) has sex with the leader of leftist party Bhaskar Sanyal (Naseeruddin Shah) on a rainy day and becomes pregnant. Katrina Kaif does it with her husband Arjun Rampal and becomes pregnant. Sarah Thompson comes from Londoo to India, meets and mates with Ranbir and gets pregnant. OH BABY!

4.What happened to the five minute long speech scene which Katrina Kaif was excited about? She said in an interview that she had memorized all the lines and had given the speech to a real audience of thousands, not just an exaggeration by camera technique. But the inspiring five minute speech was cut short to seconds, so the highpoint just dissolved into sweet nothing.

5. Shruti's Seth's make out scene also fondly known as 'Sitapur ka ticket makeout scene' can make you cringe in embarrassment. And yes, the scene is unrealistic as well. Shruti makes orgasmic expressions when he is not even doing foreplay, just holding her tight and kissing.. Tch Tch

6. If you want to know the meaning of the phrase ' fuck off', watch Naseeruddin Shah's smooch with Nikhila Trikha. One moment of intimacy and he is never seen again in the film.


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