Sunday, June 27, 2010

Raavan or Kites, Bigger Flop is?

What do you think is a worse film, Kites or Raavan?  Both Kites and Raavan, two of the most awaited films have been given a cold reception and have been termed as the worst films of 2010. While Kites was criticized for its mistakes, Raavan was a big bore. Both  Kites and Raavan are called Rakesh Roshan ki Aag and Mani Rathnam ki Aag, keeping in line with the benchmark for flops set by the mother of all flops, Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag.

One thing to note that both Kites and Raavan have the best visual appeal in films seen in the last two years, but have nothing to offer in terms of script.  While Kites looked like a B-grade Hollywood movie,  Raavan looked like a poor version of RGV's Jungle. So let us know what you hated in Kites and Raavan and which one is a bigger flop?


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