Saturday, June 19, 2010

Should Twitter Ban Sherlyn Chopra?

Sherlyn Chopra is the first Bollywood celebrity to be banned from uploading pictures on Twitter. Apparenly some NGO did not like her uploading her hot pictures, couple of them without clothes but aesthetic.  Here is Sherlyn Chopra's twitter messages over the past three days:

Cheers to the Indian Cricket Team!!! Msg 4 Twitter-Dear Twitter,kindly lift the ban on me.I don't need moral policing.I have a conscience.

Some NGO has sent a complain mail to Twitter against me.Since when have I become a social issue???

G'nite tweethearts.Twitter has banned me from uploading pics.Thought 4 the nite-Think BIG!You are going to be thinking anyway,so think BIG!

What do you think guys? Her picture isn't that vulgar, a woman showing her cleavage looks more vulgar than this picture. What do you say guys?


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