Thursday, September 23, 2010

Funny CID serial facts

Here is the funny CID TV serial joke that is doing the rounds:
1. Daya has the world record of breaking the most number of doors.
2. CID Bureau has Tata Quality since the past 10 years
3. In the entire 28 storey building of CID, only 6 people work.
4. There is no police, CID solves every case.
5.Accused person accepts his crime only after getting a slap from Daya on the face.
6. None of them has ever got married.
7. No one has ever got promotion, not even ACP
8. Salunke just has to press Ctrl+ALT+DEL and the fingerprints get tested.
9. People remember the person they just saw once, and give the exact sketch.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha! true and cool..!!

Anonymous said...

The CID is scripted and the actors do so well that it looks more like a COMEDY. But my fear is that it may influence childrean and they will have an aversion towards CID Jobs. The actors look funny. The serial should be more sewrious and nlot dramatic. All the main charaters need to undergo rigorous training and make them look more natural. Even if scriopt is good it looses because of the actors and expression.



Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha hah a hah a

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