Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rohit Shetty; among the best bollywood directors

 Rohit Shetty is easily among the top 3 Bollywood directors. He just knows the pulse of audience and his comedy gets better with every film. Here is why Rohit Shetty is the best Bollywood director now, apart from Raju Hirani:

1. Rohit Shetty's movies are a visual treat. Be it All the Best or Golmaal series, you just love the entry of every actor or actress in the opening credit; and the trademark lines in his films. Remember 'Mayayo' in Golmaal, 'I don't care a Bhakra-Nangal Dam' in All the Best and now Kareena Kapoor's dog 'Facebook' in Golmaal 3.

2. . His films complete on record time; his movies are a start to finish project. Golmaal 3's shooting started on March 20, 2010 and is due for a smooth release on November 5 2010.

3. Consistency: Rohit Shetty gives back to back hits consistently and quickly. Every Diwali he has come up with a big hit. Golmaal-2006, Golmaal Returns-2008, All the Best-2009.

4. The choice of colors in his films: Rohit likes to experiment with vivid colors and makes his movies spectacular even if the film is purely laced with comedy.

5. No foreign trips needed, Goa is the place to Go: Rohit Shetty's always manages to show Goa attractive in almost every movie. No expensive out of India shoots, he'd rather invest his money wisely in good comic and jaw dropping action scenes in India.


rajiv said...

Rohit Shetty rocks

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