Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jhootha Hi Sahi Movie Review: Disappointing Watch

Jhootha Hi Sahi did have high expectations since people are still having the Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na(2008) hangover and were offering an encore of sorts with great music. But this one has been a bumpy, disappointing ride. Except for a good attempt by John Abraham, Jhootha Hi Sahi falls flat on its face.

Story of Jhootha Hi Sahi: One night, a sleepy Siddarth (John Abraham)gets a call from someone who is threatening to commit suicide. Siddarth manages to talk him out of it, but soon he finds that he gets more calls of this sort. As days pass, he becomes an agony uncle to people who are frustrated, in despair, suffering a heart-break, going through a low phase etc. One of them who call him is Mishka (Pakhi). As they keep conversing, both discover a bond between them.

Mishka finds that Sid is her friend, philosopher, guide while Sid gets an inkling that she is someone who would let him look at a life through a fresh perspective. To impress her further, our bloke starts to lie, and makes up story about his dare-devilry and how he manages to tame sharks and climbed precarious mountains. Finally, one day they meet and Siddarth feels that he has never met a more gorgeous woman in his entire life. He falls in love but how does he tell her that he is a mere bookseller with four friends and a little apartment?
Plus points of Jhootha Hi Sahi: Only John Abraham and his geeky look

Minus points of Jhootha Hi Sahi: One does not have to say that there has to be deep-rooted chemistry between the lead pair; either it has to be cute or passionate; but there is none here. Both Pakhi and John go through the film with a one-dimensional approach..

Another big offender is A.R.Rahman. We had already said that Rahman has been losing his touch and he makes it evident here. The songs are of the fast-forwarding variety.

If you are not able to conjure a good script, at least there should be an interesting screenplay with romantic moments. Here also, it falters; there are other subplots and characters taking more screen time than the main leads. Pakhi’s characterization(she wrote the script and screenplay) is confusing, which is why you are not exactly jumping in your seat when she units with John at the end. We find that she dumps John for Madhavan(in a shoddy role) and then dumps Mads to come back to John. The climax over-the-top just like Jaane Tu, but while that one was cute, this one is irritating.

Performances in Jhootha Hi Sahi: John Abraham should be lauded for taking up movies that defy his usual sexy image. But then he has taken a wrong movie to showcase his acting skill. Pakhi may be good looking in a conventional manner but she does not have the screen presence for this kind of canvas. Also her acting is not too flattering either. The lesser said about the character actors, the better. And Madhavan, you have a loyal audience, don’t just be a Govinda of Raavan who does roles just for the heck of it!

Conclusion: Sach toh Yeh Hain ki Jhootha hi Sahi is boring



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