Friday, December 17, 2010

Mirch Movie Review:Ever Lusting FourPlay

Mirch celebrates female sexuality and shows that throughout the years, they have been getting their way by using their brains, much to the ignorance of their male partners. Mirch shows that women are on top, in bed and out of it!!

Story of Mirch
Mirch is set in two times zones-the age old and the contemporary. The theme justifies the tag-line ‘Catch Her Red-Handed’; wherein in every story, the female is caught red-handed in the act and she cleverly wiggles out of the situation in a comic-like situation.
. The movie removes the veil of women being all sugar and nice, subscribing to the Nancy Friday view that they think with their vaginas too as much as men do with their penises. Here are the four stories in brief without revealing much of the thrill element in them
1. In the first story, Rajpal Yadav plays a gullible bumpkin who thinks that his wife is all-goody shoes. But some of his friends tell him that his wife has a roving eye. Though he does not want to do it, he puts his wife to a test.
2. The second story is of an impotent old man, Prem Chopra whose wife Konkona Sen Sharma is attracted to a youth. The trick likes in her finding out a way to bed him, wit his conditoni being that she should do so, in front of the eyes of her very own husband..
3. The third story, a contemporary one, is based on a husband, Shreyas Talpade who is suspicious of his wife who has an insatiable libido. He put her through a test to find out that his wife is all loyal but…..
4. The fourth, probably, the weakest of the plots is a miserly, Sindhi man, played by Boman Irani who frequents prostitutes in seedy hotels because he is bored with his wife Konkona Sen Sharma. One day, he finds something that takes him surprise.

All of these four stories are actually a part of the script that is narrated by a writer,, Arunodoy Singh and his girlfriend, Shahana Goswami to a producer, Sushant Singh. The adulterous women in the first and third story is Raima Sen, while the man who seduces them in the first three stories is Arunodoy himself in various avatars.

Plus points of Mirch: It is nice to see a story that shows women as biologically honed to sex as men. What is even impressive is the way the movie with absolute fluidity, the women being shown as smarter to men in the cerebral department. The second and the third story take the cake. The best thing about the movie is that in spite of treading in this arena, the movie is not at all vulgar, but seducing to the mind. The love-making scenes are also aesthetically shot without going the crass way.

Minus points of Mirch: The last story is a downer and one would have expected the movie to end in a high. The climax in Mirch is missing. Also, the justification given in some of the plots are childish.

Performances of Mirch: Raima Sen is absolutely amazing, her eyes flirt between innocence and sex-hungry with affable ease. Konkona Sen is also interesting but not as smooth and fluid as Raima. Arunodoy Singh is first-rate and Sahana Goswami makes you realize that she is a treasure house of talent, vastly under-utilizied. They make a pretty couple with the right rational outlook on life. The other actors, Prem Chopra, Shreyas Talpade, Saurabh Sh
ukla and Rajpal Yadav are good in their cameos.

Conclusion: Mirch has good content, seduces the mind and gives flights to those naughty fantasies, in your mind

Rating :***(Good)


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