Monday, December 27, 2010

Tees Maar Khan flops; Is Shah Rukh Khan smiling?

Tees Maar Khan has flopped and Shah Rukh Khan is too busy to say ‘Main Hoon Na’. Farah khan had said in her last interview that Tees Maar Khan was finally HER film, because two of her previous films Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om carried the brand value of Shah Rukh Khan; and she was not really happy with people compartmentalizing those two films as flukes made on the strength of SRK’s brand value.

Things did not work between SRK and Farah Khan and the latter went on to make Tees Maar Khan without Shah Rukh Khan. When asked why she had retracted on the statement that she would never make a film without Shah Rukh, she had said that she had learned never to say ‘never’. Farah also added that Akshay Kumar was the best choice for her film as he suited the character to the hilt.

Shah Rukh Khan was none too pleased with the turn of events . During one of the promotional events of Tees Maar Khan, Shah Rukh Khan did the unthinkable; just when the trio of Farah, Akshay and Katrina were performing on stage, he entered with his bodyguards; and the shutterbugs of the media left the trio and focused on Bollywood’s king. Now that Tees Maar Khan is flopped, we do not know if SRK wil say Main Hoon Na.

But SRK begs to differ SRK says, “ Even I work with Ganesh Hegde, or Farah decides to work with Akshay, it doesn’t change my equations with her. We’re still friends and will always be. I’ll support her whenever she needs me and I know she’ll stand by me.” Read Tees Maar Khan review


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