Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bollywood Hollywood look-alikes Pictures

In Dil Chahta Hai there is a line 'Har kisika chehra kisina kissise milti hai' (everyone in this world has some one who looks similar to him or her). Even Bollywood actors and actress have lookalikes in Hollywood. Let us look at some of the Bollywood actors who look similar as Hollywood and European actors.

Aishwarya Rai resembles Sara Carbonero from Spain, who is known as the sexiest TV reporter in the world. Let us now look at other Bollywood-Hollywood lookalikes

Preity Zinta's face looks like Hollywood star Drew Barrymore, both are baby faced beauties.

Diya Mirza looks like Anna Hathaway. Besides, Diya Mirza has a face that has resemblance with Sara Paxton and Alexis Bledel as well.

Akshay Kumar and Tom Cruise look similar in this picture

The voluptuous Sonali Kulkarni and the sexy Halle Berry look similar

Shahid Kapur and Hollywood actor Zack Braff look quite similar

Salman Khan looks similar to Nicolas Cage

Aamir Khan and Tom Hanks look similar is now, public knowledge.

Jean Russo and Sanjay Dutt are lookalikes

Priyanka Chopra's teasing looks is similar to that of Eva Longoria.

Kareena Kapoor looks similar to Paris Hilton..

Kunal Khemu and Heath Leder look similar from an angle

Jiah Khan and Emma Rossum look similar

Sylvester Stallone managed to find lookalikes in Ranbir Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan and even Sanjay Dutt

Bipasha Basu's look has been compared to Ursula Andress
Does Alyssa Milano look like Hrishita Bhatt or does Hrishita Bhatt look like Alyssa Milano?
Vivek Oberoi and Nathan Pillion look similar
Dev Patel and Dave Schwimmer are similar looking people who may well be 'friends'
But we at Bollywood Trends feel that the Bollywood actor who has the best Hollywood look-alike is Jimmy Shergill. Jimmy Shergill looks so very similar to Barry Pepper, the actor who was a part of the Will Smith movie 'Seven Pounds'.

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Anonymous said...

yeah but shahid kapoor is not look alike him

Anonymous said...

hrithik looks like bradley cooper!

Anonymous said...

Vivek Oberoi looks like Johny Depp

Anonymous said...

wonderful match of jimmy shergil

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