Friday, February 25, 2011

Rajnikanth or Sachin Tendulkar

Who is India's ultimate icon? Rajnikanth or Tendulkar? Well,it is Rajnikanth. How? Because when Rajnikanth bats and there is 24 run to win from one ball, he can hit the ball so that it can break into four pieces and all the four will go as a sixer away from the four corner of the boundary..

Okay, this is just a joke but we are proud of Sachin Tendulkar and Rajnikanth, the twin pride of India. Sachin Tendulkar is India's sporting legend and Rajnikanth is perhaps the only actor in the world who has a guaranteed mega opening. Contribute to Rajnikanth Jokes list that has the biggest set of Rajnikanth jokes


Anonymous said...

Oh my lord did any of you people see Rajnikanth at the Indian Pakistan cricket match-the guys scary looking and bald, where has all that huge pumped up mass of hair disapeared to, i am truly shocked.Holy moly!!

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