Friday, February 25, 2011

Shah Rukh Khan's role in Don 2-The Chase Continues

Shah Rukh Khan in Don 2 promises high octane action. In fact, one of the high speed car chase scene in Berlin turned out of hand and damaged a very costly camera. A progressive step ahead of Don, in Don 2, Shah Rukh Khan's character is the European gang lord. He is really wanted in 11 countries now.

According to sources, the movie starts with Om Puri and Priyanka Chopra in a film. When Om Puri expresses his wish to retire, the door of the lift opens and the two stand face to face with the Don. Om Puri's wish remains unfulfilled.

Shah Rukh khan in Don2 sports a stuble and long hair, with a tattoo on his right forearm. In this film, Shah Rukh khan is in prison amidst high police security who are keeping an eye on him, but he has already planned his escape.

Don 2 also stars Lara Dutta, Kunal Kapoor and Boman Irani. Friend  Hrithik Roshan will be seen in a cameo. Check out SRK's DON 2 look. About his long-haired look, SRK says, SRK "I admire women for carrying off long hair so gracefully. For me this is really painful. I am waiting for the shooting to end, he said.


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