Saturday, March 19, 2011

Navin Nischol Dead

Actor Navin Nischol died today, on March 19, 2011. A close friend of the actor said that he was traveling to Pune, when he began to feel restless at Sion, and passed away within a few minutes.

Nischol made his debut with the Hindi film 'Sawan Bhadon in' 1970. Victoria No. 203' and 'Dhund' were some of his hit films. His peformance in Dekh Bhai Dekh, the cult comedy TV serial is still memorable. Navin's Nischol's last rites will be performed at 5 PM, Santacruz, Mumbai.

Navin Dischol was the the first gold medalist from the Film and Television Institute of India to make it big. Navin studied at the Bangalore Military School. He was first married to Dev Anand's niece, Neelu Kapur, sister of Shekhar Kapur. After Neelu found out that Navin was having an affair with starlet Padmini Kapila, she divorced him, and turned to Christianity. Shortly after that Padmini started having an affair with director Prakash Mehra, and broke up with Navin. Navin then had an affair with Pimma, a Delhi-based married woman with two children. Navin married divorcee Geetanjali. On 24 April 2006, Geetanjali hanged herself at her residence. She blamed both Navin and his brother, Pravin, for her suicide.

May his soul rest in peace.


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