Friday, July 1, 2011

Delhi Belly Movie Review-S-Hit Happens

Delhi Belly does what it intended to, shock the clap (excuse the spelling mistake) out of people It is an adults movie alright but not for adults who cannot stand abusive language, toilet humor and double meanings With this movie, Aamir Khan has tried to push the comic caper kind of films that is in line with movies like Lock, Stock and 2 Barrels and the Hangover.

Story of Delhi Belly: Tashi(Imran Khan), Arup (Vir Das) and Nitin (Kunal Roy Kapur stay in a cramped room in the bylanes of Delhi. Tashi is to get married to the wealthy, beautiful Sonia; Arup works as a graphics designer for an irritating boss while Nitin is into sting photography and reporting. The three guys have a monotonous life, till the package that Shehnaaz was to handover to someone gets mismatched and is exchanged for stool sample of Nitin, that he had to give to a clinic following a bad case of diarrhea after eating chicken Tandoor at street-side.

Plus points of the film
1. The cheeky, blasphemous scenes and humor in the film. The humor is wacky and dirty, so if you crave for such kind of humor, this movie is your tonic.
2. The air of authenticity, the movie has been shot in real life locales and there are no filmy dreamy locales here, just lower-middle class neighborhoods and cramped lanes.

Minus points of the film
1. Excessive toilet humor; so even if you are an adult who abhors such kind of stuff, then this movie may not cater to your taste.
2. The songs D.K. Bose and other famous tracks are just merely played in the background. This is disappointing since one was looking forward to the videos.
3. There is no D.K.Bose
4. Aamir Khan disappoints in the end as the item boy

Performances in the film
The entire cast is simply brilliant. It is not an Imran Khan film at all; he is just a protagonist by default. All of them are equally important, key mentions being Kunal Roy Kapoor, Vir Das, Shehnaaz Treasury and Poorna Jagannathan. Imran Khan himself has given his career best performance. Shenaaz looks delightfully curvy and has also got her histrionics right. Poorna has more screen time and her chemistry with Imran is incredible. The show-stealer is Vijay Raaz who is such a treat; he easily dominates every other actor when he is put in the same frame.

Best scenes in Delhi Belly
1. The falling of the ceiling
2. Vijay Raaz talking to the waiter
3. The climax
4. The wedding scene that features Vir Das

Conclusion: Hit happens, Delhi Belly


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