Friday, October 28, 2011

Ra One or Robot-Which is a better film?

Ra. One or Robot, which one is a better film?

Enthiran (Robot )was based on the premise that one should be cautious about use of technology because when technology attains mastery over you, it can be very different to break free. It featured Rajnikanth in dual roles, one as a scientist and the other as an android robot called Chitti. Robot’s story is about the scientist’s endeavor to control a robot which can do all sorts of complicated tasks easily. When his fiancé says that the robot lacks emotions, he manages to upgrade the software in such a way that the robot is able to perfect comprehend and bring out human emotions. The plan backfires when the robot falls in love with the woman(the scientist’s fiancée) and also goes all out to destroy the world when it falls in the hand of another scientist with devious bent of mind.

Ra. One is a naïve Tamilian who works in the gaming department of Barron Industries. The company gets a contract to make a game to be released in Indian. To look up to his son’s standards who thinks villains are cool, the father creates a game with the villain as almost invicible He also injects artificial intelligence technology so that the villainous robot can learn new technology and techniques as the game moves ahead. He also makes another good robot called G.One which is quite strong but not as powerful as Ra. One. Both G.One and Ra.One have H.A.R.Ts, electronic devices that give them power and ability to play. However, the HARTs are also a liability which means that without the HART, one cannot die in the game. Death can happen only in Level 3, and only when both the HART and the hero/villain are together. The game is played using motion-sensor body suits to be worn by real-life players Trouble brews in when Ra. One comes out of the game in search of Lucifer, the scientist’s son who had stopped the game in level 2. The robot wants to kill Lucifer at any cost; only G.One can save this from happening.

While Robot’s budget was Rs. 162 crore, Ra. One’s budget rose to Rs. 175 crore making it the most expensive movie in India. Which movie did you like more Ra. One or Robot in terms of plot-line, technicalities, songs and performances?


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