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Ra One Story- The Most Expensive Movie in India

Ra.One's story is an interesting and so are the prospects of Ra.One, the most expensive movie in India.

Story of Ra. One

Shekhar Subramaniyam (Shah Rukh Khan) is trying his best to fit into his son Prateek (Master Aman Verma)’s ultra-cool world. While his son tries hard to muster his dad to the ‘dude-up’ world, his mother Sonia (Kareena Kapoor) is confused and lost in the world between her husband’s ‘ingeva’ and son ‘Inn’ it. When the son is on the verge of giving up on his dad and resigning to his fate that his dad cannot be a badass, Shekhar goes ahead and designs one hell of a mindblowing game. Finally, things become exciting but as the family comes together, they find themselves in the middle of a crash. It is not just a hard-drive crash but a crash that is going to put the lives of the family in peril Things begin to go awry when the game that Shekhar designed begins to play with their lives.

Ra. One, the most expensive movie in Bollywood

Ra. One is the most expensive movie in India,  with a budget of $39.03 million (Rs. 175 crore). Ra.One will be released in both 2D and 3D formats across over 3,500 screens worldwide in 2D and around 550 screens in 3D,along with its dubbed versions in Tamil, Telugu and German.

Director Anubhav Sinha says, “ A film like Ra. One cannot be made in ayear’s time. You wuill understand this when you see it. It is a high concept film. The filrrst two years went in making the concept comprehensible. There were around 3500 visual shots which were drawn on paper first. Each shot had five layers that had to be capture diwthy great technical prescison. All this is time consuming.”

Ra. One is the first of its kind technology based film to be produced in India. Renowned technicians like Jeff Kleisner of X-Men and Scary Movie 4, Tron fame have been hired for the project which has been converted into the 3D format. The director says “Over a thousand technicians from different countires have been working on the visual effets. Every night we meet oer web conferencing and carry out work. Ra. One is on part with the best VFX film in the world.’

How did Anubhav Sinha get the busiest movie star in India to not only act in it but also produce it? Anubhav says “Even before I wrote the film, I had Shah Rukh in mind for the film. I sent him a message saying that I had an idea that could not be made into a film without him. He asked me how much time I needed for the narration of the film. I replied just five minutes. He heard it and asked me ‘When do you want to make this?’ It wa a strange question as it obviously depended on his availability. I said ti would take me a year and a half before we begin shooting. He said, ‘Let’s do it’ It sounded very casual then. We kept in touch, exchanging notes, bouncing ideas, hiring people”

Anubhav adds, “SRK comes from the word of video games and sci-fi films. Strangely, the kind of films that he likes and the kind of films he used to feature are completely different. So this is a first for him. That is why I couldn’t think of any other actor apart from Shah Rukh khan to be in Ra. One”
The director says Shah Rukh Khan has been a rather generous producer. “I needed someone who wouldn’t just invest monetarily but also emotionally in the film. I knew SRK the producer would bring in the best out of SRK the actor. The film required a certain amount of visio, belief and trust to not only invest that amount of money but also to sustain it for long and see it through. Shah Rukh Khan has been an ideal investor. Ra. One is the most expensive movie in Bollywood but the rising budget hardly caused a problem to SRK. He said spend as much as you want but do not compromise on the quality of the film.”

 He adds, “Recently, a mainstream Hollywood site reviewed Ra.One trailer and said that it makes Captain America’s trailer seem pale. The audience should understand Hollywood movies like Spiderman, Avatar, Iron man and Matrix are made on a budget of $200-$300 million; we have managed to do the best job possible with our resources. In fact, the writer of Iron Mna, Hawk Ostby, a dear friend helped with the script. He even said that I sell the story to a Hollywood film maker.”

Shooting for Ra. One was stressful, says the director. He says, : We had to monitor three trains with 11 cameras in different locations. There could have been loss of life too. I have lost count of how many expensive cameras were broken during the shooting. Also, shooting in London was quite stressful. The weather was unpredictable. It could rain anytime,. If you lose one day of shoot, yo lose a huge amount of money. We’d shoot for 12 hours a day.” But then filming Ra. One was a load of fun adds the director with a smile. “ We stayed in huge apartments that overlook the river Thames. I realized that I can cook for 30 people . SRK is extravagant when it comes for food and he made sure that the unit was spoilt for choice, he hired a different caterer each day so that unit could savor a variety of delicacies. But he only ate grilled chicken.”

Anubhav Sinha says, “I have shot at least 150 songs and music videos to date but I believe Shah Rukh is God. I waited for ten years to shoot a song with him. I love his signature tilt, I even coaxed the choreographer to shoot that step. Even the posters bears his trademark stance” he laughs.

“Ra. One hopefully, wil be the biggest Bollywood hit ever. It is what blockbusters are made of. It has the biggest star in the country, rather on planet. It has been given all the time and money it needed. So it better be.”


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