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Rajnikanth Jokes, Sms- New, Latest Rajnikanth Jokes

You have loved and contributed to Rajnikanth jokes; well here are the all new Rajnikanth jokes and SMS latest ones:

1.  Nokia Launching Rajnikant 'R' Series In 2012.

Features: 20 SIMS,
Battery Standby: 1 Year,
1000 GB Memory,
100 Megapixels Camera,
Washing Machine,
Mini Rocket Launcher,
Mini AK-47 &

The New Special Feature 24G In Which U Can Meet The Person & Talk Directly :P

2. This message has been sent by Rajnikanth in the interest of humanity.

"Stop making jokes on me otherwise I will delete your FORWARD option" :P

3. Girl Romantic Mood Mein Rajnikanth Se Boli.

Girl: Ek Chutki Sindoor Ki Keemat, Tum Kya Jaano ?

Rajnikanth: 0.00078924576 Rs. Per Gram -_-

4. Rajnikanth participated in a 100m race, obviously he came first, but Einstein died watching that because Light came second.

5. Hot news: Shahrukh Khan doing a 2.5 hour cameo role in Rajini's Ra-One.

6. Gold's GYM uses Rajinikanth to stay in Shape xP

7. People update status via BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, etc.Rajinikanth updates status via Calculator :O :D

8. When Rajinikant croses the Road, the cars have to look left and right before moving.

9. Rajnikanth knows those two persons, who shake hands in Nokia mobile phones =D

10. Once Rajnikant had to kill a villain. So he slapped himself. The villain died due to resonance

11. Rajnikanth's next project is the Titanic in Tamil.
However, Rajni has twisted the climax.
Both the lead actors survive.
Rajni swims across the Atlantic Ocean with the
heroine in one hand and... the Titanic in the other! 8|

12. Reporter with Rajnikant: sir, how many jokes are based on you?

Rajnikant: 2.

Reporter: sir, only 2??
Rajnikant: yeh, only 2.....other all are facts :) :

13. Aishwarya Rai didn't get pregnant despite doing 3 films with Abhishek for 3 long years.
One film with Rajnikant and the results are out!! B-)

14. Rajnikanth can produce fire by rubbing 2 ice cubes

15. DHOOM-3 Scene

John, Hritik, Aamir on BIKE with speed of 2000km/hr .

and suddenly, Rajnikanth (Rajnikanth Jokes) overtakes them with Bicycle

and  says


" Save Fuel Use cycle"

16. Rajnikant started college. All students were confused while taking admission because name of college is
“Rajnikant’s Medical College of Engineering for Commerce”.

17. Sachin Tendulkar’s mothers name is RAJNI Tendulkar
And his coach’s name is ramaKANT
Is there a need to say anything beyond this???

18. Rajinikant got 150 questions in exam paper asking – “Solve any 100 questions”
He solved all 150 and wrote, ” Rascalla!, CHECK ANY 100!”

19. Law of Conservation of Rajni
All scientists failed to answer this but rajnikanth did…
Ques: Which liquid turns solid on heating?
Ans: Dosa… mind it!!!

20. Rajinikanth has already been to Mars, that’s why there are no signs of life there.

21. Why does rajnikanth wear sunglasses?

To protect the sun from his eyes!

22. Name : rajnikanth
hobbies : playing with lions
swimming with tsunani
skating in volcano
catching bullets when some one shoots
running against flying plane
playing with lightning
the legend of india…

23. Why did the British leave INDIA in 1947? . Because they came to know a baby named Rajinikanth will be born in they left 2 yrs before.. Mind it..

Check out a huge set of Rajnikanth jokes and contribute from your side as well, if you wish :)


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