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Desi Boyz Movie Review - Intermittently Entertaining Watch

Desi Boyz film review- Despite the occasional laughs, the flaw with Desi Boyz is that it lacks direction, the movie does not follow a predictable or even an unpredictable trajectory; it appears confused and problem-ridden especially in the second half. If the director Rohit Dhawan who maintained such  good tempo in the first half did so post-interval as well , we would have a great movie in our hands

Story of Desi Boyz

Jerry Patel (Akshay Kumar() and Nick Mathur (John Abraham) have a good life in the UK as people around them lose jobs, left, right and center. Soon, the funny thing called life brings tragedy unto them, Jerry loses his modest security job and Nick loses his well-cushioned MBA one. Now, these dudes have their share of onerous responsibilities, Jerry has to look after his little nephew, his late sister’s son; or else risk him going into foster home, if he is not able to cough up the fees for his school. Nick has a high maintenance girlfriend who is dreaming of a lavished marriage life. But since both these guys are no longer having any job, they wonder what future holds for them.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Jerry comes across an opportunity for being a male escort by Sanjay Dutt who runs the high-profile ‘Desi Boyz’ club. Nick accepts and he is rechristened as ‘Rocco’. Nick follows suit and becomes ‘ Hunter’. They entertain the ladies and are making loads of bucks again till Nick’s girlfriend Deepika Padukone sees Nick entertaining the ladies, and is heart-broken. She dumps him and goes out of his life. Jerry’s case is not good as well because the fact that he is a male escort is discovered and his nephew’s school make up their mind to send the child to a foster home.

Nick and Jerry have a huge argument and the latter walks out of his life. The rest of the movie is about Nick trying to woo his lady love back in his life while Jerry tries his best to get his nephew to stay with him. One does not have to say that the two friends patch up again

Plus points of Desi Boyz

• Rohit Dhawan takes after his famous father David Dhawan who was a pro at editing and fun quotient. The first half does not give you time to think and the movie is quite entertaining and fast –paced before the interval. It is first-paced in the second half as well but the entertainment quotient dips

• There is ‘two much’ for members of both sex to enjoy. While the muscular bodies and youthful appeal of Akshay Kumar and John Abraham are for the women to enjoy, the slim and shapely Deepika Padukone and the Chitrangada Singh’s sultry professor act is sure to keep the guys rooted.

• Some real wacky dialogues in the second half

• ‘Tu Mera Hero’ track is a visual treat as much as it makes you break into a dance.

Minus points of Desi Boyz

• WTF moment - Post the second half, Desi Boyz becomes a different movie. John Abraham spends most of the time wooing back Deepika Padukone and the proceedings definitely lack conviction. Trust Anupam Kher to spoil any movie with his over-the-top act, budding up with his daughter’s boyfriend and telling him how to win her heart Sample this, Deepika Padukone who has been resisting John for doing naughty things behind her back, melts when he says that he is not apologetic about his act and would do so many times for the sake of his friend (Akshay Kumar). After John mentions how Akki is having a hard time fighting for taking custodianship of his nephew, Deepika melts and now it is her time to woo back John. How silly can this be!

• The climax of Desi Boyz is nothing home to right about. It is as mundane at it can be; the courtroom drama is supposed to be funny and point-worthy but we wonder when it would get over . Sadly, it takes it own time and Sunjay Dutt’s entry as a witness makes it worse; he even convinces the female judge who gets turned on at the prospect of having some guys entertain at the Desi Boyz club. We are not against sarcastic or slapstick comedies but at least, it should be funny and raise a few laughs. The climax definitely weighs the film down.

* Deepika Padukone in the begining of Desi Boyz becomes a sutradar of the film and then after a few minutes, that aspect is taken off. Amnesia, anyone?

* The lame attempt at patriotism by Akshay Kumar where he takes references from Aryabhatta and Sabeer Bhatia does not hold much water. They could have come up with lesser known examples.

* The director Rohit Dhawan by settling for the heroines to woo their men back even though it was their folly is straight out of the 90s, a period when melodrama had gone out of fashion.

Best scenes in Desi Boyz

Oddly, though the second half lets Desi Boyz down, some of the best scenes also stem from them.

1. The sequence between John Abraham and Omi Vaidiya after the faint-hearted Vaidya decides to fight John off for being an irritant to Deepika’s life.

2. Chitrangada Singh’s strip poker game with Akshay Kumar for getting every Economics answer right and also the dance scene where she says that she had a crush for him

3. John Abraham telling Deepika Padukone “Main yeh ring bechne jaa raha tha, Tum Mil Gayee’ (I was going to sell this ring but you met me)

4. Akshay Kumar’s mom saying to Akshay ‘Maaf kar le warna mujhe lagega tujhe paida karke maine apna figure kharab kar lee)

5. The funny Satish Kaushik vs Akshay Kumar scene

Performances in Desi Boyz

Chitrangada Singh looks dishy and springs up a decent performance. Deepika Padukone does not have much to do, except look pretty and look forlorn when heartbroken.   John Abraham tends to go overboard in a few scenes but manages to match upto Akshay Kumar in quite  a few scenes.

The real star of Desi Boys is the ever reliable Akshay Kumar who does fabulously. He looks pretty good and can give actors half his age a run for their money. The other actors Omi Vaidya, Mohnish Behl,  Satish Kaushik and Anupam Kher and the rest of the cast are good in their roles . Sanjay Dutt, who has a guest appearance  steals the show whenever he comes on the screen.

Desi Boyz is definitely one of the most entertaining films of 2011. Though the second half could have been much better…



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