Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sunny Leone Pics, Bollywood, Bigg Boss 5, Sunny Leone Jokes

Check out Sunny Leone pics as she enters India to be a part of its biggest reality show Bigg Boss.

Here are other Sunny Leone pictures of course. of the cleaner variety.

Sunny Leone is all excited to be a part of Bigg Boss and has even said that she is entering the show as a participant and not guest. I've always wanted to enter into Bollywood in India and Bigg Boss was the first professional offer which came my way. I do what I do outside India and I am what I am, but I run my career professionally, so this was the best offer for me,"

Sunny Leone actually did get Bollywood offers which did not work. But now she hopes she gets the recognization. The fact that Sunny Leone is among the top 10 adult stars in the world is more than enough consolation. She says she has no strategy about being in Bigg Boss. “I have no plans, I am here to have a good time. This is the first time I am working in India, hopefully I will add a little bit of glamour, have some laughs, add some light because there's a lot going on in the house. I have been watching the show from the beginning and I know all the characters inside”

Sunny Leone confirms that she is a contestant and not a guest in Bigg Boss house"I am entering as a participant so I will be on the show as long as India wants me. If I get nominated I hope people will vote for me to remain on the show. I think all of India is waiting to see the response when I enter the show. Lets see what happens." Here are more Sunny Leone wallpapers, photos

The woman says that she has high regards for the show and that she has done reality shows in the US too. Sunny Leone has a crush for Salman Khan. "I would love to work with the host of Bigg Boss - Salman Khan. I am looking forward to meeting him. Can we see Katrina Kaif turning red by the minute

Sunny Leone had been active on Twitter saying that she was excited about the show. Check out Sunny Leone tweets

Well Bigg Boss TRPs which have been ruling the charts are going to reach unseen and unheard levels. Meanwhile as you get the latest updates from the Bigg Boss show, here are

Sunny Leone Bigg Boss Jokes
Sunny Leone is Sunny Deol with a dhai kilo exxtra at the right places.
If your husband or boyfriend says "Who is this Sunny Leone ?" , He definitely has a folder called "Vidz" or "Pix" or "ForOffice".
Sunny Leone without clothes is real, the fantasy is Sunny Leone with clothes, which we are going to see in Bigg Boss.
Sunny Leone enters BigBoss while the Big Boss is dreaming of entering Sunny Leone..
Sunny Leone aka Karen Malhotra entering Bigg boss 5 Thank god Shakti Kapoor is not there any more...


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