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Sushil Kumar KBC interview, video

Sushil Kumar, winner of Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 5, is the pride of Bihar. His house is so famous that even if you address a letter to Sushil Kumar, KBC winner, Motihari, the letter will be delivered to his doorstep. Motihari is now a global name thanks to this enterprising lad.

Sushil says that before he won KBC, no one recognized him and the ones who did pretended that he didn’t exist. He said that a lot of people wouldn’t pick up his call and now they are the ones who call him frantically and tag along their names to him.

Sushil Kumar, the 27-year-old son of a retired Rs.70-a-day farm labourer from Gandhiji’s Champaran, says, “Nothing can be more gratifying for someone who has tasted years of failure and humiliation.” Sushil’s childhood friend Irfan Ahmad, says, “You could almost call him a renaissance man for small town youth. Young people with high aspirations but limited resources think he has all the answers.”

Though he is the cynosure of all eyes now, Sushil is grounded enough to know that fame is fickle. He admits that he would love peace in his life, seek the life of the anonymous and go back to his first love, reading.
Though viewers watched Amitabh Bachchan handing him over a mouth-watering check of Rs. 5 crore to Sushil Kumar on November 2, the actual check amount which is Rs. 3.5 crore, deducting taxes, reached his home after November 12. The KBC winner says, “The delay is because I do not have a PAN card and am in the process of getting one made.” Sushil is working on a salary of Rs. 6,000 a month as a computer operator with MNREGA (the rural development ministry’s job guarantee scheme).

Sushil Kumar says that with his Rs. 3.5 crore cheque, he has a lot of commitment. His father Amarnath Prasad says . “All that’s on my mind at present is to get our ancestral house released from mortgage, build a new one large enough for the entire family and start a business in which Sushil’s brothers can be gainfully engaged.”

Sushil has an additional ambition to spread knowledge through books. “I also want to build a library and help children who have talent and dreams but little resources to pursue them.The remaining money will be banked to generate a steady income of interest.”

At this point of time, the debt of the family has sunk in even more. Anil Kumar, the KBC winner’s elder brother says, We were already paying interest of Rs.25,000 a month on our borrowings. Now we have been burdened with increased expenditure because we travelled with Sushil to Mumbai by air, took taxis to Patna and are now entertaining an endless stream of guests.”

Though after the win, people are more than forthcoming to lend the family more cash at the drop of hat, Sushil knows the real motive. He says, “Success in borrowing has nothing to do with need. It’s all about perceptions of your financial solvency to repay the debt.”

Even at home, family members are taking credit for Sushil Kumar’s 5 crore win story. His father says that the family has allowed him more space to study and had not pressure on him to contribute to the common kitty. . “He could not have succeeded without this support,” insists Amarnath.

Sushil’s father-in-law thinks that his daughter contributed to the win. “I was among the first to spot talent in Sushil. That’s why I gave him my daughter’s hand in marriage. She has brought him luck,” says Krishna Patel, father of Sushil’s wife Seema, at his pakora shop in Meena Bazar, Motihari.

Whatever the claims may be, the modest lad has done it for his family. He had been a keen student o f general knowledge and this feat has definitely inspired many students of Motihari to be competitive in this front. . “From 2003 to 2007, I was part of such a group called Jai Hind,” says Sushil.

Sushil Kumar had gone through a testing time when it came to the last question. If he had answered it wrong, he would have slipped to a mere Rs.1.6 lakhs. But he kept his head cool and also poured water on it after he won Rs. 5 crore!

Does he know that he almost blew the Rs. 20 crore KBC set?! “I poured a bottle of water over my head in joy when I won, and the people at the channel later told me I’d almost caused a short circuit that would have destroyed the set!” he laughs. What is his personal career goal now? Sushil Kumar would love to become an IAS officer. With a quiet, steely resolve; he says, ‘I think it can be done.”

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