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Vidya Balan as Silk Smitha

Vidya Balan has given her best in the role of Silk Smitha for Dirty Picture. Not only is she making sure that she does justice to the star of the B-grade films and her story but Vidya Balan has gone all out to market the film in the best way possible. Here is an interview where Vidya Balan as  Silk Smitha tells her experiences

Is Dirty Picture based on Silk Smitha's life?

My character in the film is inspired by Silk Smitha, not based on her life. Everybody thinks that this film is based on Silk Smitha's life, but it is not. This is a story of a dancing star. In the 1990s, dancing stars were very popular, every film had at least one dancing star and the film would have one song like an item song. Silk was one of the most popular dancing stars. She was at the top in her times, therefore, it was easy to get inspired by her.

She was a South Indian dancing girl, who was nationally famous, therefore, we have named the character Silk too. There were many after her like Polyester Padmini, Disco Shanti, Nylex Nalini, Rayon Revathi, but no one knows them. May be people in south (India) know them, but everyone knew Silk. Silk was the first of her kind.

The character in the film is fearless. She has no restraint, (she is) carefree, and (a) colourful girl. Some may feel she is shameless, but I don't think she is. I think she is a girl who wants to enjoy the pleasure of life at every opportunity. She does not have double standards. Whatever she feels she says it, whatever she wants to do she does it, whether others like it or not. She has realised that till the time she is not happy she can't make anyone happy. She is childlike she does not think before saying anything, that fearlessness is what Silk is.

We think that Silk is bold in a sexual way just because she wore clothes that are revealing, but that is just one side of her fearlessness. In this film you will get to see her other sides too.

Isn't Dirty Picture too bold a film?

Of course it is a bold film because she is a bold girl. She feels that my body is great and people like to see it so why not show it. She is not self-conscious. She does not hesitate, that's why it's not vulgar. If you are conscious, you will look vulgar.

Silk Smitha's scenes were called vuglar.  Don't you think you will be called vulgar too?

No, there is a difference. In those days, the way she was used in films was only to create excitement and attract men. If people add a song in a film to show s*x and vulgarity and if they way they shoot a song in certain way all that is vulgar. But I am portraying a character. I am just trying to show that she was like this. I am not saying Silk is vulgar, but the way they captured her on screen they (the filmmakers) were vulgar.

Were you hesitant about taking the role?

Initially, I was a bit hesitant. When Milan (Luthria, the film's director) came to me, I asked him, 'Why me?' because when I read the script, I did not feel that anyone could cast me in this role. Milan told me 'when the film is about to release I will tell you why I cast you in this film, but right now I can just tell you that I can't see anyone else in this role.'

So, now I am waiting for the film to release, so that Milan will tell me why he wanted to cast me.Every woman is sensuous; I got a chance to bring out my sensuousness in this film.

How did you prepare for the role?

No preparation at all. Milan kept telling me... 'You have to be fearless... I want no other preparations. Once you are fearless in your mind then everything will be under control.'

I did not understand what Milan was telling me. I would want to meet him and he would say no need. I would go to his office and sit so that he would give me some tips to prepare, but he would be busy with his work. I was very confused. I read the script lesser times as compare to other scripts because the director wouldn't say anything.

Now I understand why. It was only about being completely free and fearless, uninhibited. I have enjoyed exploring that side of me.

Did you do any research on Silk Smitha?

It is not only about Silk, so I watched other films too. I had seen Sadma and the song Oh Babua. I have seen it many times before, so I knew that. I saw some films of Nylex Nalini and other dancers.

I must say this about Silk -- she was very ahead of her time. Today girls are in complete command of their lives and sexuality and they are unapologetic about it. Silk was like that back then, which is why she was misunderstood. People exploited that in a wrong way, but she took pride in what she did, she was never ashamed of what she was doing.

Today we take pride in what we do whether it is teacher, doctor, journalist or actor. I am sure Rakhi Sawant takes pride in what she does. To each his own. (From) the little that I read about Silk, I got to know that she took pride in what she did, which is why among all those dancing stars she is the one name that we remember after so many years.

Silk Smithas in bikins was quite popular? Have you worn bikini in Dirty Picture, Vidya?

Aiyyo Venda (No, No Nneedt). I have done what I have in The Dirty Picture because the character demanded it. Tomorrow if I play a supermodel in a film and the scene demands it, I will wear it. As a character if it is justified, for sure. Otherwise, I don't think so.

A demure girl in Parineeta, a happy go lucky girl in Lage Raho Munnabhai, a mom in Paa, a normal middle class girl in No One Called Jessica, a firebrand in Ishqiya and a sensuous woman in Dirty Picture...You really are experimenting big time.

Thank you (giggles). I am happy being an actor. On one hand I am playing a 14 year old's mother (Paa), on the other hand I am playing a temptress (Ishqiya). In one I am playing Sabrina Lal (in No One Killed Jessica) and in other I am playing Silk. I like this variety. I am very grateful that I am getting the chance to play different people, not just Vidya Balan again and again. I am not interested in that.

What is the best part about being an actor?

I like playing completely different people. It is very exciting.

Have you overcome your inhibitions?

When you do certain roles, it automatically reflects a little bit on yourself. Sure there is certain change in me now. I am more outspoken and frank now, but I have not yet been in any situation where I had to use this, so I don't exactly know how outspoken I am (laughs).

The voluptuous Vidya Balan is reversing the size zero trend

I think it should. It is wonderful to be a woman. We are women and it is necessary that we look like women. If you look like a chessboard, what is the pleasure in it? Then you should have been a man instead. I had to gain weight for this; I happily did that.

How much weight have you gained?

I gained about 10 kilos. I was doing light exercise and eating a lot.

How difficult it has been to handle three men of different age groups in Dirty Picture?

Sone pe suhagaa, ek se mera kya hoga (giggles).I think I have never enjoyed being a woman more than in Dirty Picture.



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