Monday, November 7, 2011

Vidya Balan Dirty Picture Dance in the Audio Release

The Dirty Picture's USP Vidya Balan (who else?) created a stir among crowds in the audio release of the movie. The makers of the movie decided to take a detour from calling just the press and making it a boring, elite session. Instead, they made it a full-on gala fare, as the team of actors from the movie decided to burn the stage at a suburban mall in Mumbai.

The voluptuous Vidya Baln drew in the oohs and aahs from the crowd as she danced sensuously. More than 2000 people were there as Vidya appeared in a cleavage revealing, figure hugging outfit of the 80s, A she heaved her bust, Vidya Balan had people shouting for more.  This is perhaps the first time, Vidya Balan has danced in front of a live crowd, apart from award functions.  Naseeruddin Shah also got a huge round of applause and so did Emraan Hashmi. Tusshar appear subdued, looks his performance will do all the talking

Vidya Balan then disappeared and came back, prim and propah wearing a red saree as she smiled before the cameras. No wonder, the star of the evening was the voluptuous Vidya Balan.


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