Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jackie Shroff Gay - True or Rumors?

Jackie Shroff has reportedly confessed that he is homosexual , he is perhaps the first mainstream Bollywood celebrity to admit his gay status. It is believed that he accepted this in casual meet with journalists at a B-town meet at a local hotel. He accepted that he prefers men compared to woman and it is just a natural feeling.  We still do not know if these are true or rumors but the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are buzzing with Jackie Shroff gay comments.

 The 51 year old actor bluntly said that he got such feelings for the same gender many years after his marriage and career.Jackie Shroff said that during the 80s and 90s he never felt so and was quite intimidated by the leading ladies he was paired against. He added that he respected everyone as they helped him become a better man. In an emotional conversation, he also said that he is considering leaving India and settling abroad because the country is not quite liberated in the mind for gays.

Jackie Shroff married longtime girlfirned Ayesha Dutt, who is also a producer. They have two kids –Tiger, the son who will be launched in a movie by Aamir Khan and a daughter Krishna. On Twitter, Poonam Pandey stated, ”If Jackie Shroff is gay, what's the big deal? Why should people talk about that when Sehwag scored 219? Really India!


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