Saturday, March 3, 2012

Are some women jealous of Poonam Pandey ?

Chitrangada Singh attacked Poonam Pandey on Twitter. She wrote,"How do you compete with Poonam Pandey who is ready to strip for kabbadi matches? (sic)".

Poonam Pandey hit back at Chitrangada Singh saying that the woman who just had 700 followers now had 1300 thanks to her and she said that she pitied about people who bitch about her. But there is one problem here, it was a fake Chitrangada Singh account. A lot of media houses just picked on the news and said Chitrangada Singh takes on Poonam Pandey without even verifying that it was a genuine account. Of course the guy who faked the account even wrote that it was an official Chitrangada Singh Twitter account. The Desi Boys actress said that she was not on Twitter.

One of the most controversial personalities of Bollywood, Poonam Pandey has been criticized by some people, most women; who cannot digest the fact that she has become a very popular figure in a matter of days.

Ever since Poonam announced that she will strip for the Indian cricket team in 2011, she became an instant Internet sensation. Farah Khan, celebrity jewelery designer first criticized her indulging in cheap publicity. Recently, it was Taslima Nasrin, a  controversial author who wrote unmentionable language about her and accused of being immoral. Poonam retaliated and said that because of her, people know Taslima

This comes to one moot point, are some women really envious of Poonam Pandey ?  It is true that she is not really one of the best looking girls in the country; there are so many women who are better looking than her, who go through life-long struggle, casting couch in Bollywood to just get that elusive break. But Poonam Pandey just worked smart, used the opportunity and cashed on it.  Talk about using brain ! Find out who is hotter, Poonam Pandey, Sunny Leone or Sherlyn Chopra

No matter what you say, you cannot ignore the fact tht Poonam Pandey is as popular as any of the A-grade actresses in Bollywood. She has been called the Boldest Indian celebrity of 2011 by International Business Times for the year. Poonam Pandey has also been approached by a popular Android app company in the US to be a face of one of their hottest apps. Most of the actresses and personalities who have been criticizing Poonam have not been able to achieve that mark in anyway. So, do you think that other female celebrities are actually using Poonam Pandey to come in news?


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