Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ram Gopal Varma - Sanjay Dutt controversy after Department debacle

Ram Gopal Varma on Twitter hinted that Sanjay Dutt was responsible for Department doing badly at box office. RGV wrote on Twitter- "Whatever else is happening to Department, I am supremely happy that I don't need to see the faces of Sanjay Dutt and Dharam Uberoi for the rest of my life. From forcing me to take Kangana out of the film to constantly cornering me to change the screenplay, I had the most horrible time working with Dutt. If Dutt and Uberoi think I am bad in Department let's wait for Zilla Ghaziabad and Soham's film where I am not there to spoil their creative inputs."

Sanjay Dutt on the other hand spoke to a popular tabloid, ""Hits and flops are a part of the industry. But I really don't know if I shall work with Ramu again."

Dharam Oberoi, CEO of Sanjay Dutt Productions, remarked, "I am sure that I don't want to work with Ramu on any other project in my life. We told Ramu so often those 5D cameras, which he used, are not apt to make a film but to no avail. Ramu just does not listen."

Sanjay Dutt agreed with Oberoi saying, "I have been in the industry for 32 years and I know which cameras are suitable and which are not. But ab kya karen? Jo ho gaya so ho gaya. But yes, I really don't know at this point of time if I want to work with Ramu again."

RGV’s reaction to the outrage was predictable: "I don't know what they are thinking and neither do I care… but from my side, I don't want to see the faces of Sanjay Dutt and Dharam Oberoi for the rest of my life."

Earlier before the release of Department, Dharam Oberoi had been praising Ram Gopal Varma. " "Department is going to mark Ramu's comeback to hard-hitting films," he had said.

Ram Gopal Varma seems to be making many enemies in the industry. Apart from the love-hate relationship he has with director Karan Johar, he had issues with Aamir Khan post Rangeela, then with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, then with Manoj Bajpai who said that he had nothing to do with Ram Gopal Varma. Randeep Hooda also said that he would not be working with Ramu because he did not identify with his style of film-making anymore.

About Department, Ram Gopal Varma said that he was not blaming Sanjay Dutt for Department's flop status. "I am not blaming anyone except myself. The biggest mistake I made was to go to an actor as unprofessional and as unimaginably erratic as Dutt.'

Ram Gopal Varma had this to say about Sanjay Dutt's style of working, "The problems were innumerable, ranging from Dutt's coming late to last-minute cancellation of shoots and schedules to erratically wanting to change the content of scenes in the name of creative discussions that are not to be confused with mindless interference. Aamir and me had creative differences during Rangeela but I didn't pay heed to the mistakes he pointed out. Despite Rangeela becoming a blockbuster, when I saw the film much later, I felt I had gotten away with the mistakes that he had pointed out. I genuinely believe Rangeela would have been a bigger hit had I listened to Aamir. The difference being Aamir's suggestions and observations came from a long and intense deliberation on his part and not like Dutt who was blurting out without thinking, encouraged by the likes of Dharam who pander to him for their personal benefits."

More than targetting Sanjay Dutt, Ram Gopal Varma seemed to have a bigger problem with Sanjay Dutt productions CEO Dharam Oberoi. He said, "Yes. Dharam told me Sanjay wanted Kangana to be dropped and since it's a predominantly male-dominated action film, I didn't want to make an issue. I also wish Sanjay Dutt realises what Dharam talks behind his back and for his sake, I hope he distances himself from Oberoi before it is too late."

Though Ram Gopal Varma's movies of late have come for too much criticism for weird camera-work, he defended, "Not only him, even Amitji and Rana had but when they saw the quality of the film, they were happy and they spoke about it in the media too. In fact, Amitji spoke about it as the future of cinema even after the release and the reviews. The problem wasn't about using the cameras but the way they were used in terms rapid panning, some unseen angles and some deliberately jerky moments. However, these were hardly eight to 10 shots in the film. Otherwise, usage of these cameras is prevalent the world over, including in the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire.'

There are views that the director who was once hailed as the best in the business following the landmark movie 'Satya', has lost his focus. He said, "Since everyone has a mouth, everyone will have an opinion. The people who work with me know how focused I am and so I would advise people who are not concerned with me to rather focus on themselves instead of focusing on my focus"


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