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Rowdy Rathore Movie Review, Akshay Kumar rocks in Rowdy Rathore (2012)

While writing Rowdy Rathore review, we knew that the movie had to at least match up to the Telugu original Vikramarkudu. Guess what, Rowdy Rathore has blockbuster written all over it ! and yes, it not only lives up to the standards of the original but also surpasses it. No one could play Rowdy Rathore as well as Akshay Kumar and the charismatic actor shows why comedy and action are his twin talents.

Story of Rowdy Rathore

The movie revolves around Shiva (Akshay Kumar)a small-time conman who falls in love with Priya (Sonkashi Sinha),an attractive girl he met at a wedding, where he went uninvited. Things look hunky-dory for him, till he come across a six year old girl Neha, who claims that he is her father. Shiva is at loss of words and tries to seek the truth behind the claim.

The quest is not easy for him as a series of mysterious things happen to him, including a series of life-threatening attacks by a bunch of goons. It so happens that the girl was the daughter of the police officer Vikram Singh Rathore (Akshay Kumar ) who is on the run from dacoits who are after his blood. Finally saving his daughter, Rathod dies in front of Shiva. The con-man decides to take from hereon and settles the scores on the behalf of the dead Rathod.

Plus points of Rowdy Rathore

Akshay Kumar is the heart of Rowdy Rathore, the way Salman Khan was in Dabangg. (Read who is a better actor  Salman Khan or Akshay Kumar).  The cinematography of the movie is absolutely splendid. Full marks to the action, Akshay Kumar has always been the action hero first, he embraced comedy post 2000 successfully. But then he got typecast and did not find a movie that could do justice to his action persona.  Rowdy Rathore is what he was looking for,  a perfect blend of both comedy and action, and his fans are definitely going to relish it. What is more, he has a double-role, what more can an Akshay Kumar fan want !

Prabhudeva does a fine job, directing the movie, injecting a lot of entertainment dosage. The script and the screenplay were ready materials so all that Rowdy Rathore team had to do was improvise it slightly. The action scenes are choreographed brilliantly. Sanjay Leela Bhansali had indeed done a smart move producing the film  for Rs.40 crores, which is sure to going to hit home with the masses and the classes.

The music was wrongly criticized by some critics, they had judged the songs a tad early. Now that the songs have grown on people, the tracks like ‘Chinta Ta’ ‘Pritam Pyaare’, ‘Chammak Challo Chail Chabeeli’ and Dadang Dadang’ are a rage and seeing them so beautifully picturized makes the proceedings all the more exciting.

Best scenes in Rowdy Rathore

1. The scene where Rowdy Rathore fights the goons valiantly before collapsing
2. The funny, cute scenes between Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha
3. The Pritam Pyaare item song featuring Maryam Zakaria, Shakti Mohan, Mumaith Khan and Amit Kumar
4. The Chinta ta Chita song featuring Vijay, Kareena Kapoor, Rajesh Hamal and Prabhu Deva himself
5. The amazing screenplay which shuffles intelligently between Shiva and Vikram Rathore.

Performances in Rowdy Rathore

Paresh Ganatra as the side-kick and friend of Shiva is such a delight. Nassar, Surpeeth Reddy and Kaajal Vashisht do thir roles pretty well. Kareena Kapoor impresses in the special appearance in the song ‘ Chinta Ta’.

Sonakshi Sinha, the main female lead, does not have much to do in the film. But her lovely screen presence and vibrant appeal lights up the screen. Having said that Sonakshi Sinha does not match up to the sauciness of the ravishing Anushka Shetty in Vikramarkudu.

Akshay Kumar has come up with a career- best performance in Rowdy Rathore. He is matchless here, it is His movie all the way. You just can’t help but applaud him for the stunts, comedy and above all, top-notch acting. Till now, Akki has been shortchanged at the awards but Rowdy Rathore may just see him in the nominations, he has a good chance of winning the Best Actor’s Award though we are still half way in 2012. With one hit Housefull 2 behind him and Rowdy Rathore too going great guns, Akshay Kumar should have a fantastic 2012 with Joker to follow.


Rowdy Rathore is an absolute action-thriller-comedy riot. Do not miss this one, if you love movies the way Vidya Balan called them ‘Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment. . For the ones who have already watched the South Indian version, enjoy the Hindi treatment. The rowdy side of the Khiladi is welcome.

Rowdy Rathore Rating

****(Very Good)


Rahul said...

Not sure how you can expect anything new in such movies...It was remade from Telugu to Tamil, and now to Hindi...the plot is a normal masala one..The trend in bollywood nowadays followed by the so called hit directors like Priyan and Prabhudeva is to remake all Hit movies down South...

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Yami Gautam said...

I am totally agree with Rahul. This movie is good but we can't say best movie because this was copied from Tamil.

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