Monday, May 28, 2012

Shahrukh Khan IPL final pictures, SRK celebrates KKR win

Celebrating KKR win at IPL 5 finals, Shahrukh Khan was in his element, turning on the charm he has been famous for. SRK entertained everyone throughout as KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders) team celebrated their ecstatic IPL 5 win, defeating CSK (Chennai Super Kings) in a closely held contest, winning by 5 wickets.

Shah Rukh Khan also publicly apologized for his behavior at Wankhede Stadium with the MCA officials. "I want to apologise to the kids for my misbehaviour at MCA. I apologise to all who saw me differently. I shouldn't have behaved in that manner. But today my team has won, so I guess, all you fans should forgive me. We have won at last."

Shahrukh Khan praised each and every player in the team as he prompted the bunch of kids to name the players. He said,"I am proud of Gautam and the boys. We made a video of families of all our players and saw Manvinder Bisla's parents speaking about their son. They must be very proud and so am I. I want to tell the people of the Bengal, that now this team belongs to you."

The superstar was at his energetic best as he did the Chammak Chalo much to his wife Gauri's chagrin. He even cracked a dialogue from Om Shanti Om as the people in the SetMax compering team urged him to do so.  SRK did a couple of cartwheels for the audiences as they cheered him.

Shah Rukh's wife, Gauri Khan, who had been missing throughout the tournament,  was by her husband's side in his moment of celebration.  The demure looking lady solved the suspense of why she had been missing all this while from the game. She said, “I had said that I would only come to the field when KKR reach the final.:

Shahrukh Khan gave the KKR winning formula in a message to people , “This is something the youngsters should believe in – resilience, patience, perseverance – if you believe, you can win.”

SRK celebrates KKR win, IPL 2012 finals pictures


Rukhsar said...

Fully agree with don't need to be humble to rascals who feel free to rebuke you as they like. Sahi joota maraa hai...maafi ka to koi sawaal hi nahin hona chahiye. You need to keep ur shoes where they belong...sir pe nahin chadhana chahiye...MCA has banned ur entry...dont worry...we all know their steam will run out soon ...well done...appreciate ur clarification regarding the apology...way to go...Cheers!!

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