Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jackie Shroff Polio Ad becomes Viral

Jackie Shroff abusing during the shoot of the Pulse Polio ad has become viral. Little did he know that the video that was shot in 1998 where Jackie Shroff curses like a sailor would come back in 2012.

Well, it looks like there are more viral Bollywood videos to come around surprisingly to these stars who did not fathom that they would find their back to the net. One of the other examples is Bipasha Basu without clothes ad for New York Lotto ad which she shot in the US with Vivek Oberoi. Bipasha Basu blamed it on camera angles and that she was naive in those days.

Jackie Shroff, however seemed both amused and irritated by the way Twitterati was cracking joke at his expense. He said that it was just a way of  relieving himself of the stress that accompanies demanding shooting schedules. Jackie Shroff added that people should focus their energies elsewhere instead of disrespecting actors and their work. Well, sir, whatever you may say, it would have been better if you had been a little sensitive while shooting for a polio ad. But history is history and it does repeat, isn't it?


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