Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bollywood 2009: Year of Fear and supernatural thrillers

Bollywood 2009 began with a scream(read Raaz-The Mystery Continues and 13 B), gives us the clue that horror is the flavor of the year. If Bollywood 2007 was the year of sports, 2008, the year of terror-based films, Bollywood 2009 seems to be about super natural thrillers.

Raaz 2 was about a spirit tormenting a girl so that he could take revenge on wrongs done to him. 13B was a unique story about a TV set telecasting a daily soap that has events that are going to happen in the lives of the family watching the series. The forthcoming Bipasha Basu-Neil Nitin Mukesh starrer, Aa Dekhen Zara has a camera predicting the future through a series of pictures and photographs. Akshay Kumar starrer-Tasveer 8x10 has the lead actor gifted with the unique ability to talk about the lives of dead people who are complete strangers, by looking at their photographs. Akshay Kumar will also be starring in Action Replay, reportedly made on the lines of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,where he will be born as an old man, getting younger with each reel. Producer Vashu Baghnani's son Jackie Baghnani, makes his debut in a thriller, in which his character has the ability to forsee the future.


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