Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why Kareena loves Saif so much!

Kareena Kapoor in a recent interview to popular tabloid Mumbai Mirror, revealed why Saif Ali Khan is the most understanding man in her life. Here are the excepts of the interview, where Kareena Kapoor reveals why she loves and adores Saif Ali Khan a lot:

On Saif's role during her breakup with Shahid Kapur:
Choice is where you choose to be, and where you want to be and in such a personal issue, I think there’s so many things that happen which one shouldn’t be digging up and shouldn’t talk about. Saif has always been my friend first in that period and now my lover, so I think we’ve grown from friends to being in this relationship. And the choice is that I clearly wanted to be where I was. I don’t believe in mud slinging, I don’t believe in discussing my relationships, I think the fact that I’ve just been purely honest and I’ve never hidden the fact that I was with Saif and that I am with Saif.

About marriage:
I want to tie the knot but at the right time. People think that Saif is pressurizing me but I would like to say on record say that he’s never done that. In fact I am always wanting to tie the knot and he’s the one whose been telling me that "listen, lets give it some time, lets wait, your are at a stage which every girl would want to be at in their career, so sit back and just enjoy the roller coaster ride for some time. And that’s what makes me love him more to tell you the truth. I don’t think any man in the industry would ever want to tell an actress the same thing. The reason why I want to be with him is because he is so supportive of my work and respects me for what I am doing.

About Saif proposing her everyday!
Can you believe that? Poor thing he is so upset, he’s like "Why are they doing this to me?" Saif Ali Khan is actually the guy who has wanted to be single all his life, run away from relationships, run away from commitment, but the fact is that he always tells me "you are actually the only girl that I really wanted to commit to." I am with him all the time, but I give him space to be with his family, to do what he wants to do with his work. The fact that I am not the heroine of his first production just goes to show that we have our complete different zones when we work.


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