Friday, April 3, 2009

Tasveer 8x10 movie review- Picture imperfect!

Tasveer 8x10 sorely disappoints. One cannot believe that a director like Nagesh Kukunoor who has repertoire of films like Hyderabad Blues, Iqbal and Dor, dishes this half-baked bland excuse of a thriller. With a wonderful cast, Nagesh could have done a great job, but he hasn’t pulled it off. Tasveer 8x10 doesn’t manage to surprise you with a whodunit nor does it do a good job of making the thriller an edge of the seat excitement.

Story of Tasveer 8x10
Jai(Akshay Kumar) is a forest officer in Canada who begins to snooze when he sees a snap,there is a dip in his pulse rate, and blood drains from his body. All these are mere symptoms of his ability to envision future tense of a clicked image. But just when you expect the movie to unfold into a supernatural thriller, it becomes a simple murder mystery, where Jay’s dad drowns to death and the killer is roaming freely.

Jai has in his hands a photograph of four people that was clicked just before his dad’s death. Giving him company to solve the case is a detective (Javed Jaffery) who is suffering from paranoid delusion. Jai stares at the foursome photo and visualizes the death through each person’s mind. While doing so, he falls in momentary sleep. Seeing Akshay Kumar snoozing so many times is enough to put the viewer to sleep as well. You are able to guess the villain if you have seen enough thrillers but the director puts an unwanted twist just to make the movie seem a bit different. It doesn’t work.

Plus points of Tasveer 8x10
The camera work of the film and the setting in Canada is picture perfect. Though Tasveer is a visual treat, on the hindsight, the setting was not really required.

Minus points of Tasveer 8x10
1. The director had a good premise to make a supernatural thriller. He could have shown Akshay Kumar using supernatural powers in solving some real mindboggling cases. God knows, why he decided to subterfuge the plot into a regular who-dunnit. Why put the viewer through the torture of who really killed Jai’s dad? Will he really care? If you cannot INVOLVE the viewer in a thriller, there is no point making it.
2. Nagesh Kukunoor does not make the conventional thriller plot, an intriguing one. He opts the easy or rather the childish way out, making use of Jai’s photographic vision to unearth the clues to the case.
3. The climax is stretched and far-fetched.
4. There is no one single scene that can be thrill inducing or suspenseful. The plot has a lax appeal and the screenplay mechanics, that are a mainstay of a thriller, is totally amiss. Heck, Nagesh Kukunoor had a much better screenplay in his first movie Hyderabad Blues, that was made in a shoestring budget of just 15 lakhs.

Performances in Tasveer 8x10
Akshay Kumar sadly doesn’t impress much in Tasveer 8x10.. May be it is to do with the fact that he is playing a non comic role after a long time, which is why the audience cannot relate to him. Akshay Kumar seems to heading for another flop, successive to Chandni Chowk to China. The effervescent and beautiful Ayesha Takia somehow gives a bland performance, she doesn’t have much to do in the film. Also she looks like someone out to enjoy Canada rather than actually act in the film. The only person who impressed in Tasveer 8x10 is Javed Jaffery. Though his characterization seems half-baked, you can make out that he has improvised a lot.

Tasveer 8x10 in conclusion:
Nagesh Kukunoor is an inconsistent director. On one hand, he surprises you with Iqbal, Dor and Teen Deewarien. On the other hand, he kills you with Hyderabad Blues 2, Bombay to Bankok and Tasveer 8x10.


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