Thursday, May 7, 2009

John Abraham-the worst main-stream actor in Bollywood?

Hard core John Abraham fans will be furious with this statement but John Abraham is still called a bad actor in Bollywood albeit in hushed tones. The poster boy looks of John Abraham can work against him and most of the times, it has done that way.

Kabir Khan, John Abraham's friend agrees "Beyond a point, if you are focussing on your body, it can go against you. Like Aishwarya Rai's beauty prevented her from getting many rules. John Abraham's physicality is such that he just cannot play any character. He just cannot play an office going person".

There is no doubt that John Abraham is among the top 3 best looking guys of Bollywood. Even Mahesh Bhatt who had given John Abraham his break, accepts that Jism remains John Abraham's best performance till date. Believe it or not, John Abraham has done 22 films and only 3 are hits: Jism, Dhoom 2, Dostana. He cannot take credit for the above average Garam Masala because his performance took a beating and Akshay Kumar lapped it up all the way.

Shahid Kapur and John Abraham had started their career in the same year but Shahid has raced past John Abraham especially after 'Jab We Met'. Vivek Oberoi is also considered notches above John Abraham in the performance department. Even new comers like Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor are noticed for their performances, which John Abraham has not be able to achieve.

John Abraham has been called names like Brawn Abraham and Gone Abraham because of his non-performance and spate of flops. He was overshadowed twice by Arshad Warsi in Kabul Express and Dhana Dhan Goal. John Abraham was overshadowed by Nana Patekar in Taxi No.911 and he was sidelined by a better performance by Abhishek Bachchan in Dostana. Kabir Khan says, " John needs to loosen up a bit. If he could even get 50 percent of what he is off-camera on to the big screen, he would rock. In real life, John has such a brilliant smile but I have never quite managed to capture it on camera".

Apart from friend Kabir Khan who is repeating him in New York, none of the directors have worked again with John Abraham. When he reportedly asked for 13 crores, director Nikhil Advani reportedly got wild,"You have exactly 13 expressions. Do you expect to be paid crore per expression?"

The problem with John Abraham is he will be in top form when it comes to flaunting his body or looking good as he did in Dostana and Dhoom. But when asked to get in the skin of the character, John Abraham begins to falter.

John Abraham has also been criticized for his dancing skills. The silly dance of John Abraham in Dostana became a butt of all jokes. John Abraham cannot afford to be a pin-up forever, he has to dish out performances before it is too late.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

loooool that's really funny!! john played in dhoom 1 and not 2 and he's not that bad as you say!!!maybe the best pergormance he had ever done was in dhoom but that's because he is mainly good in action rules that's why he has to play more movies like dhoom!!

Anonymous said...

Good one hahahha, i totally agree this guy sucks

Anonymous said...

Agree, but john abraham is on the same level of other bad actors. Bollywood's solution is to give john and others a film that's in their comfort zone. Action genres are great for john and if he sticks to that he'll do good. Even though he did "experimental" films, the movie faltered b.c of him and people have other expectations when they a film with john in it. Movies like No Smoking, Water and Aashayein would be more successful if there was a good actor in it. Other movies directed by nagesh kukunoor,deepa mehta, and anurag kashyap were successful b.c they had good actors along with the script. Films can't be modified for actors like john, just doesn't work. That being said, a masala movie can very well be modified to suit john abraham's personality and be successful at the box office. Anyways, bollywood is all about it's stars and personality more than the story and characters. John should just stick with doing movies that's more about him, I don't think he can be a character actor ever. Even in New York, I just laughed at john's portrayal of a common man turned terrorist and the situations his character was put into.

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