Friday, July 24, 2009

Aamir Khan's new film after Ghajini: Dhobi Ghaat

Aamir Khan, the talented actor and a savvy marketer who knows how to really surprise audience with his films, has let the cat out of the bag. Aamir Khan has posted in his blog, "The cat is finally out of the bag. I'm playing one of the leads in Kiran's film Dhobi Ghat.

It was rumored that Aamir Khan was playing the cameo role in Dhobi Ghat but then he said he kept the length of role under wraps because his wife Kiran didn't want to attract unnecessary attention to her directorial debut. As Aamir puts on his blog, "she wanted to make this film on real locations with a tiny crew, very guerrilla style. So we had to do it very quietly. And for once we managed to keep a secret from the media, at least until we finished the shoot."

Aamir Khan has also finished shooting for 3 Idiots, the movie directed by Raj Kumar Hirani based on the Chetan Bhagat bestseller Five Point Someone. Aamir writes that the film is at is post production stage and only one song is remaining to be shot, which will be done in September.


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