Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hurricane Scenes Not There in My Name is Khan’s US version

Though My Name is Khan has been a huge overseas hit, back in India many felt that the hurricane scene was not proper. It had chronological error and some people felt that a person with an instable mind cannot rescue people in a hurricane infested village. Whatever reasons people may have, Karan Johar has decided to part with that scene. In other words, the Hurricane scene is not there in My Name is Khan’s US version that releases on May 7,2010.

The editing of US My Name is Khan is by Alan Edward Bell and not Karan Johar. The Indian director feels someone from a third person’s perspective will be able to do a better job. Alan Edward Bell has been the editor of 500 Days of Summer. By the way did you know that the hurricane scene in My Name is Khan was not shot in Wilhelmina, Georgia but in Mumbai?


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